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July 16, 2021






Reawaken America Tour

July 17th and 18th (12pm-8pm)


Dear Flyover Family,

We will be streaming Clay Clark's "Reawaken America Tour" July 17th and 18th from 12pm-8pm on our very own Rumble channel, free of charge!

Don't miss this amazing two day conference and all-star line up of speakers!

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Featured Podcast


General Flynn is a fighter. In this exclusive interview with Flyover Conservatives we dive into what the fight looks like for conservatives in 2021. General Flynn is the leader we need today but he can't save America by himself.

Find out what WE THE PEOPLE can do to help save our own country.

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David Niño Rodriguez has always been a fighter but over the past year and a half he has gone from physical fighting to fighting for the people and fighting for truth. What a blast it was to get to hear the truth from the man himself!

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It's a bizarre feeling to wake up in the morning with an email saying something you have worked so hard to build up is in jeopardy of being taken away. It's even more bizarre when you hear it's because you bullied someone and yet even more bizarre when you watch the said video and realize it was a fluff video with a prayer in it. THIS is that video... The Video that Youtube shut us down for...

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If hell broke loose on you and your family how would you respond. Well the McCloskey's didn't have time to think on how they would respond 1 year ago when there house was attacked last year by BLM and Antifa rioters. Today they are the face of American heroism in the fight against the Marxist's takeover. Mark is running for senate here in the middle of Flyover Country of Missouri!

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Watch as Jeff Tharp interviews Manuel Johnson. Manuel discusses major falls coming in the nation, the media, and the importance of standing and praying over the next 3 months! Plus, he’ll be praying for the viewers, releasing words of knowledge and God’s healing power!

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In this interview, Captain Seth Keshel discusses his journey from baseball analytics to military intelligence, followed by a providential meeting with General Michael Flynn that changed his life forever. Captain Keshel breaks down the impossible statistical anomalies that defy election trends going back over 100 years, and pulls back the curtain on what it was like to be on the all-star team of General Flynn, Sidney Powell, and Lin Wood.

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Watch as this New Zealand family reacts to The Star Spangled Banner as you've never heard it!

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When the Biden administration knocks on your door... Operation strike force at its best!

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