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April 2023 | Vol. 32, No. 2
Firm Owners: Don't Forget to Update the Board of New Firm Ownership and/or Management
ARE Rolling Clock Retired
Effective April 30, NCARB is retiring its “rolling clock” policy, which placed a five-year time limit on the validity of passed exam divisions. The change in policy will reinstate the validity of all passed ARE 4.0 divisions taken between 2008 and 2018. It will also assure that all passed ARE 5.0 divisions will remain valid through the entirety of ARE 5.0 administration and a yet-to-be-determined duration of a future ARE 6.0 version. 

NCARB stated that it contacted all candidates who were impacted by this policy change. If you did not receive a message from NCARB and think you may be impacted, please contact the board office and staff will assist you.

For more information visit the NCARB website.

ARE 5.0 Guidelines Updated
NCARB updated the ARE 5.0 Guidelines to reflect recent policy changes. The new guidelines are dated May 2023. Two changes were made to reflect the rolling clock retirement. The third change details that NCARB will be discontinuing the $50 rebate for candidates taking their first online proctored appointment, effective July 1, 2023.

Download the new ARE 5.0 Guidelines.
New Registrants by Examination
Maelle Egea (Las Vegas) #9141
Victoria Fong (San Francisco, CA) #9142
Christina Giafaglione (Las Vegas) #9147

Registered Interior Designers
Leora Oh-Mendoza (Las Vegas) #298-ID
James Gundy (Henderson) #299-ID
Erica Irvin (Cary, NC) #300-ID

Residential Designer
Sean McMicken (Sparks) #430-RD
CEU Opportunties
NSBAIDRD / AIALV Announce Date for Annual CEU Seminar 
The 11th Annual NSBAIDRD / AIALV CEU Seminar is scheduled for Friday, November 3, 2023. This is a virtual event. Speaker line-up and further details will be announced later this year. 
NCARB Releases New IAQ Course in Series
Indoor Air Quality for Architects: Design Buildings to Promote Health and Wellness, Course 4: IAQ in Practice - Building Materials and Finishes is the fourth in a six-course series. This course is designed for architects to consider how the selection of building materials and finishes can either positively or negatively affect the indoor air quality within a building. By leveraging third party resources discussed within this course, making informed design decisions, and creating specific language within construction documents, architects can play a major role in improving indoor air quality both during construction as well as when spaces are occupied. Learn more
New Codes Effective in Cities of Las Vegas and Henderson
The City of Las Vegas and the City of Henderson adopted the following new construction codes, with an effective date of March 23, 2023:
  • International Building Code 2021
  • International Fire Code 2021
  • International Wildland Urban Interface Code 2021

All permit applications received on March 23 or later must comply with the new codes. This includes but is not limited to any multifamily construction, commercial construction, walls, carports and pool permits, and IBC based standard plans. Incomplete applications received prior to March 23 must be made complete prior to adoption date or may be required to comply with the new codes.

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Disciplinary Actions
(January 24 through March 22, 2023)
Inquiries are routinely sent to both registrants and non-registrants for alleged violations of Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) and Nevada Administrative Codes (NAC).  

There were three cases this period that were submitted for board consideration and approved. Additionally, four cases were closed because there was no basis for the allegations or the complaint did not fall within the board's jurisdiction.

The following cases were closed by means of settlement agreement; as part of the agreement respondents agreed to assure compliance with Chapter 623. Should the respondents be involved in a subsequent case and found to have again violated NRS, NAC or Rules of Conduct, the case may be used as an aggravating factor.

Every effort is made to ensure that the following information is correct. Before making any decision based on this information you should contact the NSBAIDRD.

Incompetence, Negligence or Gross Negligence in the Practice of Residential Design; Violating Rules of Conduct; and Not Acting with Reasonable Care and Competence: NRS 623.270.1(c), NRS 623.270.1(f) and Rules of Conduct 1.1

Cases 23-014R, 23-024R and 23-025R
The allegations against Michael Peterson (147-RD) were that he was negligent and did not act with reasonable care and competence generally exercised by residential designers in good standing in the same community. The matter was resolved through a settlement agreement incorporating three years probation, an administrative penalty of $10,000, and investigative costs of $2,500.