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Langtons International Agency is one of New York's most successful literary management agencies specializing in non-fiction: including memoir, true crime, biography, and b usiness.

E xceptionally well written literary and commercial fiction: including mystery, thrillers, and women's fiction. 
We recently added film and television scripts to our offering. 

Notable releases include Trumbo by Bruce Cook (Grand Central Publishing, September 8, 2015) to coincide with the movie release, starring Bryan Cranston, Diane Lane, and Helen Mirren.

Art in the Blood by Bonnie MacBird, (HarperCollins UK, September 2015) first of a trilogy of Sherlock Holmes adventures. Sold to 17 countries, bestseller in 5.

Dancing on Her Grave
 by Diane Montane and Carolina Sarassa, true crime (Berkley, April 2015) Discovery Channel, and Lifetime Movies (October 22, 2016).

2017 proved to be another successful year, with 26 books sold.  

2018 has already started with a bang with 3 books sold in the first two weeks.

Linda is acting as producer on two movies negotiated by the agency. 

Contact us today to start your journey towards becoming a published author or screen and television writer. From an idea to a success!    
March 29th, 2018
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Focus on our Authors

Robert Parker

Another sell-out author's signing for Robert Parker's  A Wanted Man which has had sales of sixteen thousand copies to date.  In Canada, Robert's first book in the Ben Bracken series was second on Amazon's best seller list . We are excited to announce that the sequel in the Ben Bracken series,  Morte Point , will be published by Endeavour Quill on July 27th, 2018. 


In  A Wanted Man , a British soldier and vigilante returns to Manchester, England and is hell bent on righting the wrongs that nobody is willing to do. Ben Bracken is unstoppable.  Buy here

In Morte Point, when a plane drops out of the sky at the coast near the famous  Morte Point, Ben Bracken, the enigmatic, highly- trained vigilante soldier has one shot at intercepting the mysterious  cargo . Available in July.

Robert Parker's new book, Crook's Hollow was released this month as a stand alone thriller.

In this book, someone has just tried to kill Thor Loxley - but Thor has no clue as to why. As the estranged youngest of the omnipresent Loxley farming dynasty, all of whom view him as a traitorous turncoat, in a village where everybody knows everybody else's business, life is hard enough.

Robert discussed this latest book,  Crook's Hollow on BBC Manchester radio with Becky Want last week. Listen Here.

Rosemarie Aquilina
Our inspirational author Judge Rosemarie Aquilina hosted a book signing at a Barnes & Noble in Lansing Michigan on Saturday, March 24th. We are so proud of you, Rosemarie!

Santa's letters end up in the hands of Nick Archer, a religiously obsessed narcissist. Co-ed partners and wise-cracking lovers, detectives Jaq McSween and David Maxwell, team up to find the daunting killer in Triple Cross Killer. Buy Here

Mike and Ayan Rubin


Congratulations to our talented authors, Mike Rubin and Ayan Rubin on 
winning  the very prestigious Jack Eadon Award for the Best Book in Contemporary Drama for the fabulous thriller  Cashed Out .

Cashed Out is a fast-paced legal thriller about an unsuccessful lawyer, his corrupt ex-wife, and a shady client involved in a large corporate cover-up. Set in a swampy bayou in Southern Louisiana, readers will find themselves right in the middle of the action that doesn't stop until the very end.  Buy Here.
 J.A. Zarifian 

Once Upon A Mouse is a modern take on timeless truths, familiar rhymes, fables, and fairy tales, told through the eyes of an ultra-logical mouse, a non-predatory cat, and a teenage story-teller. Buy Here

J.A. Zarifian is hosting a book launch party with illustrator Daniel Cabuco on April 3rd in St. Paul's Convent Garden in Bedford, London. Congratulations on your book launch!

We are delighted to welcome our new authors and screenwriters

Bethany Jacobson, award-winning sceenwriter and producer
Since  the  1990s, Bethany   has  worked as a screenwriter and producer on indie documentatires and television series, which have aired on PBS, MTV, BBC, and WDR.  Her script for The  Electric Virgin was a finalist for the 2017 Tribeca Film Fund  Sloan Foundation Award.

Her feature screenplay, Hotel Bleu, was selected for the 2013 "Maison Des Scenaristes" at Cannes. The short film based on the feature film won Best Live Action International Short Film at the 2016 Louisiana International Film Festival and a 2017 Remy Award at Houston World Fest for Romantic Comedy Short. 

Shaheen Chishti, debut author and founder of the Jewish Islamic International Peace Society
Shaheen Chishti, a Indian British author, world peace advocate, and thought leader. His writings primarily focus on the emancipation of women. The Granddaughter Project is an inspiring story of three women across India, America, and England who are bonded by a common thread. 
Shaheen is the descendant of the revered Sufi Saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti, whose shrine, also known as the Ajmer Sharif Dargah, is one of the most visited pilgrimage sites in the world. He also founded the Jewish Islamic International Peace Society.

Genevieve Piturro, founder of the Pajama Program

Genevieve Piturro's background is in marketing, first in television and then event planning in London and New York. She is a professional speaker, and a contributing IMPACT blogger for Huffington Post. 

The Pajama Story, is about the Pajama Program which she founded and her personal journey to find her purpose. This is the story of how a woman found her true purpose when a scared six year-old child she met in a homeless shelter had no pajamas and she felt so deeply moved that she was compelled to change her life, and as a result inspired others.

Thank You for Reading!

 Linda Langton, President.
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