California’s Mandatory Commercial Organics Recycling
Inspections begin in April – find out what your business needs to know
Recent changes to California recycling laws are requiring more businesses to begin organics recycling programs. All businesses generating more than two cubic yards of solid waste (total garbage, recycling, and organics) per week and multi-family properties with five or more units must arrange for organics recycling services. The City of Citrus Heights is recommending that businesses in those categories connect with their local waste haulers to help meet compliance needs.

While businesses have been required to recycle since 2012 and organics recycling mandates were added in 2014, the number of businesses subject to recycling mandates has increased over time.

The City is beginning an inspection program, starting in April, to educate businesses and ensure minimum State requirements are being met. The Sacramento County Environmental Management Department (EMD) will be assisting Citrus Heights with this effort. Businesses who are already inspected by EMD can expect to see the recycling/organics education and compliance review as part of their regular visit.

Citrus Heights encourages our business community to stay up-to-date on requirements! To start, follow these four tips to help ensure your business is in compliance:

  1. Contact your waste hauler. The easiest way to comply with State and City requirements is to contact your waste-hauling company to sign up for commercial recycling and/or organics collection services.
  2. Get outdoor bins for recyclables and organics. Your waste hauler will provide you with outdoor containers for your recyclables and organics, which will look similar to your trash container(s).
  3. Set up indoor containers and signs. You will need to place indoor collection containers and signs for collecting recyclables and organics generated at your place of business.
  4. Educate your employees. Educated employees are the key to a successful organics recycling program. Please make sure your employees know how to properly separate garbage, recycling, and organics into the correct bins prior to collection.
City staff recently gave a presentation to the Citrus Heights Chamber of Commerce, which was graciously sponsored by Atlas, Republic Services, and Waste Management, and is available on the City’s website.

For more information on recycling laws and associated requirements, including alternative compliance and exemptions, be sure to visit the City’s website:

For additional questions, please contact our General Services Department: or 916-727-4770.
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