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Monday | March 14, 2023
Maple Syrup Sunday at Ledgeview Nature Center March 19.
Bring your family out to celebrate the spring syrup season! 

Enjoy a pancake breakfast with maple syrup that is made right here at the nature center. Afterward, take a free tour to learn about why we can make syrup in spring. Follow a naturalist into the woods to help identify a maple tree, then drill a hole so that we can collect some sap. See how the sap is cooked down into delicious maple syrup!

For more information about this event and to purchase tickets click HERE.  
Fox Cities Convention and Visitor's Bureau (CVB) 2022 Annual Report and Breakfast
On February 24, the Fox Cities CVB held their annual breakfast to showcase the successes from 2022 and talk about the strategic focus for 2022, the creation of the Fox Cities Destination Master Plan, with goals and objectives that include:
• Strengthen the brand through iconic festivals
• Develop communities as experiences
• Enhance outdoor recreation opportunities
• Expand strategic regional collaboration
• Improve access and connectivity
For an overview of the past year, watch this video HERE. To view the 2022 Fox Cities CVB annual report click HERE.
The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) is accepting applications for the next Wisconsin Agriculture Youth Council. High school students who will be seniors during the 2023-24 school year can apply now for the council.

The goals of the council are to highlight agricultural-related careers, share resources available for farmers, provide insight in agricultural policy development, and increase networking opportunities for participants. Members participate in virtual monthly sessions to listen to presentations, engage in discussions and connect with professionals across the agriculture industry.

For more information on the Wisconsin Agricultural Youth Council click HERE or visit
Agricultural Development in Wisconsin
Wisconsin farms contribute $104.8 annually to the state’s economy. We talk with the secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection about agricultural development.

Listen to the interview from the Larry Meiller show HERE.
Free Legal Consultations for Small Businesses
Free legal consultations for small businesses are just a click away!

Small businesses and nonprofits in need of brief advice can request an appointment through the Small Business Assistance program offered by the Business Law Section of the State Bar of Wisconsin.

The Marquette Nonprofit Clinic serves individuals statewide looking to form a nonprofit organization as well as existing nonprofit organizations. The clinic runs through Zoom on Thursdays from 1-3PM. Interested individuals and organizations can request an appointment here.

For small business legal matters, the Marquette Small Business Clinic serves individuals statewide through Zoom by appointment. You can find more information on that clinic and see appointment availability here. There is also a printable brochure available at Small Business Assistance brochure.
The WIsconsin Migration Paradox: Net Losses and Gains Explained
By: Steven Deller, March 2, 2023
Greatest Net Migration from Illinois and Minnesota, Largest Loss to Florida, Texas, and Arizona.

To help think through policy options to address what seems like persistent labor shortages it is important to understand migration patterns. For example, there is a widely held belief that Wisconsin suffers from a “brain drain” where more highly educated and skilled people are leaving the state. Prior research has suggested that the outflow from Wisconsin of these people is about what might be expected, Wisconsin lags in “brain gain”. In other words, people, particularly those with higher levels of education, are not moving to Wisconsin.

Using data from the International Revenues Service (IRS) tax returns, not only can we track Wisconsin net migration rates but also which states are the origin of in-migrants and destinations of out-migrants. From 1990, the first year of the IRS data, to 2004 Wisconsin tend to benefit from positive net migration or more people moving into the state relative to those moving out. Starting in 2005 Wisconsin tended to lose population through negative net migration. More recently, net migration has been modestly positive. A natural question is what drove Wisconsin from a net gainer of people from migration to a net loser. It is not surprising that the greatest flow of people into and out of Wisconsin is from our neighboring states of Illinois and Minnesota.

Read more HERE.
2023 Wisconsin Rural Economic Summit
Using the latest research and data specific to Wisconsin’s rural communities and regions, we will focus on the Wisconsin rural economy. The Wisconsin Rural Economic Summit is a virtual event and includes presentations of the latest economic and demographic trends across rural communities, an examination of entrepreneurship, and a discussion of what rural communities can do to foster economic growth and development. The summit will include presentations on:

  • Status of the Wisconsin Rural Economy
  • Status of the Rural Wisconsin Labor Market
  • Rural Wisconsin Entrepreneurship
  • Stories of Success in Rural Communities: Panel of State Partners
  • Innovative Approaches to Rural Economic Development

This event is virtual and free to the public. 
Thursday, March 23, 2023 | 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM (CST)
Business Support
Looking Back on 2022
The Small Business Development Center at UW-Green Bay provides no cost business counseling services in a 12-county northeast Wisconsin region which includes Calumet County. The SBDC offers the Entrepreneurial Training Program (ETP), which assists upcoming entrepreneurs and current business owners in developing a feasible, strategic plan for a thriving, profitable business. The SBDC offers onsite professional development training that is customized specifically for the goals and strategic direction of the company. 

In 2022, 25 Calumet County business clients were served with 52 consulting hours. There were two business start-ups as a result of SBDC efforts, and $139,000 in capital formation. These efforts succeeded in creating or retaining 17 local jobs.
Business Start-Up and Expansion Assistance
Ray York of the Small Business Development Center serves Calumet County with business assistance to existing and start-up businesses throughout the county. Small Business Development Center services are available at no cost to businesses. Ray’s goal is to provide opportunities to clients by guiding them to make informed decisions to start, expand, or transition their business. He can be reached by phone at (920) 946-9379 or [email protected].
Upcoming Events
Gener8tor Skills is offering our no-cost Project Management curriculum beginning on Monday, March 27, 2023
Project Management is an in-demand skill across industries that is attractive to those seeking a career change. Participants will receive:
  • Industry-leading training
  • 1:1 virtual assistance with Résumés, Cover Letters, Interview Prep, LinkedIn & More
  • Placement assistance and access to our Employer Network

How can you help?
  • Encourage a client, friend or family member to apply

This is a free, 6-week program offered through the support of Microsoft and the Bay Area Workforce Development Board. No prior experience or degree is required. Friday, March 19, 2023, is the deadline to apply. 
Want to learn more about how gener8tor Skills programs help change lives in Northeast W?
E-seed Express: Entrepreneurship Training at FVTC
Thinking of starting a business? Need help? E-seed™ Express assists start-up, early-stage entrepreneurs and experienced small business owners in developing management and planning tools for their businesses. Participants develop a business plan through completion of weekly activities and business planning templates. Experts provide insight into legal, management, marketing, technology, accounting and financing aspects of operating a successful small business. >>Additional Information and Registration
Business & Industry Complimentary Training
Fox Valley Technical College offers a variety of small business-oriented free training and seminars monthly. Please visit their website to view their calendar of classes.

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