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David A. Rardin

About David Rardin


      Hi, I'm David Rardin!

      It's my turn to introduce, and in some cases

re-introduce, myself to the many friends and clients of our firm.


     I studied physics at UMass Lowell, was an Air Force physicist at Wright Patterson AFB, then stayed in technology at defense contractor SAIC for twelve years. As with my fellow attorneys here at the firm, Vern, Andrew and Matt, my law degree is from UNH Law (formerly Franklin Pierce Law Center). For a brief period before law school, I worked as an independent patent agent. From this experience, I learned to appreciate the demands on startups.


     I did not always want to be a patent lawyer. Rather, a co-worker at SAIC led me into intellectual property law. The IP field provides many synergies between technology and law. For example, otherwise annoying habits of the technically inclined can be valuable assets. Picky attention to detail and persistence in defending an argument are useful traits when defending patent applications at the Patent Office.


     Since beginning here as a summer law clerk in 2006, I have tried to be sensitive to our clients' available time versus financial ability to support their intellectual property objectives. Of course, whether the invention is a nuclear nanocopter, cognitive radio, or internet app, sufficient inventor input is always crucial to a good patent application.


         I employ three resource-sensitive tactics:  


         I. When inventor time and availability is critically limited, such as by the client's business situation, I do my best to develop and prosecute the patent application based on the original invention disclosure and my understanding of the client's business objectives, with only limited further participation required of the inventor.


          II. Similarly, when client budgets permit and business objectives require it, I utilize alternate patent strategies to accelerate patent allowances in the U.S. and abroad.


          III. Third, especially for independent inventors or startups where money rather than time is the critical factor, I coach the client/inventor to facilitate maximum client contribution to the drafting and prosecution process. This can help limit legal fees without sacrificing quality.


     Off-the-clock, my wife and I are active in our church in the White Mountains and swim on Plum Island with our Newfoundland dogs.


     So, please keep MCR-IP and me in mind for yours or a friend's patent needs. We are happy to provide initial consultations as a courtesy. We work hard to be the kind of counselors you need. Email or phone inquiries are equally welcome. Résumé particulars are available from our web site and LinkedIn. Referrals are appreciated.




David A. Rardin