Pulaski County Employers Set Example--Thanks to Skill UP Grant

The unique partnership involving five businesses in Pulaski County is setting the example for other communities confronted with the dilemma of having workers who possess 20th Century skills, but must now operate new sophisticated equipment on the factory floor.

To address this dilemma, training is the answer. However, the logistics of employee training becomes even more complicated when a business has a need to train just one or two workers. Read full article
River Forest Industrial Maintenance Program Prepares Students for In-Demand Jobs

By Dr. Steve Disney, Superintendent of River Forest School Corporation

In the summer of 2015, I became superintendent of the River Forest School Corporation.  Our athletic teams are known as the Ingots, a nickname that aptly ties our community to the local steel mills where so many of our parents once worked.

(A steel ingot is a large bar or block that is eventually shaped and finished for an end product).

But, our district had a problem: How could we live up to our unique nickname when we did not offer our students a single class in career and technical education? Read full article

Cyber Security and Your Business

Is your company’s secret sauce at risk?  The notion that Internet hackers might steal your company’s manufacturing processes and trade secrets is no longer a plot line from a Hollywood movie.  In fact, on line thieves recently stole a soon to be released movie, expected to gross $500 million, and demanded a ransom from the film studio.  If not paid, the hackers said they would release the movie online with the thought of causing a severe dent to the studio’s box office receipts. Read full article
Mark Your Calendars

On Monday, October 6th, join several Northwest Indiana manufacturers who will take part in Manufacturing Day. Whether you provide a tour to high school students and counselors or you agree to be a guest speaker at a local school, sharing the world of manufacturing with our youth is important in helping them understand that good paying jobs and great careers are available.

We urge you visit https://www.mfgday.com/events and let’s get our region on Indiana’s Calendar of Events for Manufacturing Day!

Want to participate but not sure in what way? Contact Sandra Alvarez, Senior Associate-Employer Engagement with the Center of Workforce Innovations at 219-462-2940, ext. 33 or email her at salvarez@cwicorp.com.    

Engage with our schools as partners in education, training, and informing our students about high quality jobs available in the region. To participate, fill out this form.
For more information on the Manufacturing Consortium contact Sandy Alvarez at
219-462-2940, ext. 33, or
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