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Dear HCEG Colleagues and Friends:

Welcome to the “speed of change” for 2021!

As I mentioned earlier, we saw more innovation and healthcare change in the first 10 months of COVID than has occurred over the last 10 years.

The good news, or bad news for those struggling to keep up, is that rapid innovation, healthcare technology and data continue at an increasing rate. With the number of COVID vaccinations climbing, executive orders coming at an unprecedented rate, and regulations being written and rewritten, we are in for an exciting year.

The launch of in-depth roundtables on key HCEG Top 10+ focus areas will help us work through the new, next-to-normal for healthcare. To quote a participant of a recent Focus Area Roundtable: "It seems if we all came together, we might be able to figure something out."

Join the discussions!

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Healthcare Price Transparency – Members Share Insight
Healthcare price transparency has a lot of attention and focus right now, especially in the mandate-driven space. But addressing price transparency via compliance with regulations is just a portion of what health plans and healthcare provider organizations should be focusing on to help make healthcare better and more cost-effective for their members and patients.
In our first Focus Area Roundtable on Costs & Transparency held April 5, 2021, a group of HCEG members working for health plans, healthcare providers, and healthcare-related technology/service organizations gathered to discuss some of the challenges, issues, and opportunities associated with addressing price transparency.

Recapping Recent Healthcare Policy & ACA Roundtable
In case you missed it, HCEG members responded to the following questions in the first Focus Area Roundtable on Healthcare Policy & ACA held in March:

  • What are your healthcare policy & ACA-related priorities, thoughts, and concerns?
  • What components of the recently passed American Rescue Plan (ARP) are most promising to you?
  • What are ARP’s immediate, mid-term, & long-term benefits?

Join Upcoming Focus Area Roundtables
We’re currently setting up follow-on roundtables for the Healthcare Policy & ACA and Costs & Transparency focus areas and initial roundtables for the Interoperability and M&A / Joint Ventures focus areas.

If you’re a leader of a health plan, health system, or healthcare provider organization who would like to learn more and/or be included on invitations to specific Focus Area Roundtables as they become available, please send us an email or use this tool to specify your 2021 HCEG Top 10+ area(s) of interest.
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Upcoming Partner Events
April 28, 2021 - 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM ET

In this webinar hosted by World Healthcare Congress, HCEG Executive Director Ferris Taylor moderates a panel that discusses how to uncover your members’ needs, find insights from data and create actionable strategies to improve the health outcomes of your population.

May 17, 2021 11:00 AM - May 20, 2021 5:00 PM (EDT)

Four days of impactful content including keynote, general sessions, breakouts, and panels focused on various burden reduction elements, including health equity, compliance-driven innovation, patient-driven value, and data-driven care.

Pre-Conference sessions will focus on Prior Authorization updates on May 14 with a special spotlight on the Da Vinci Project on May 17.

June 8 - 10, 2021

The World Health Care Congress presents their 2021 World Health Care Congress in an all-virtual venue.

2021 HCEG Top 10+ Focus Areas
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