November 2018


Traditionally the best sales month of the year, your November achievements can be record breaking!

Set a goal to earn one of the levels in the November Sales Incentive and not only earn your Consultant profit, but also receive a special "thank you" gift from L'BRI!

This month's FOCUS on SUCCESS is filled with ideas on how to build your business during the holiday season. Check out all of the particles below.

Believing in YOU!

At this time of year we are especially thankful for YOU. You love the products and shares them with others... beautifying your world everywhere you go.

We want to fill YOUR holiday stocking with a special L'BRI gift! Set a goal to sell $500 or $1,000 or more and receive a gift of $25 or $50 in product credit to spend any way you like!

Here's a SIMPLE PLAN to fill your holiday stocking with L'BRI:
  • Sell ten $50 orders = $500 retail sales = $25 product credit for YOU!
  • Sell five $100 order = $500 retail sales = $25 product credit
  • Double the numbers = $1,000 retail sales = $50 product credit
  • Hold a $500 Show or two for $1,000 = $25 or $50 product credit
  • Ask 5 customers to collect $100 in orders for a Catalog Show = $500 sales = $25 product credit for YOU!
  • Mix it up.... your product credit gift is waiting for YOU!

People are looking for the perfect holiday gift ideas, and LBRI is a fit for everyone - moms, dads, teens, babies... everyone on their shopping list. Share this Who's on Your Shopping List with customers so they don't forget anyone.

Take advantage of every opportunity to build your L'BRI business during the holiday season. Take a look at the 5 simple ways to reach more, sell more, and help more people enjoy pure, safe, gentle, effective and affordable L'BRI products.


An easy way to sell $500 or more in November is to offer holiday makeovers. Show customers how to they can look fabulous in just 5 quick minutes using L'BRI makeup. Share this Fab in 5 sheet with tips for application and a $80 makeup collection for the holidays... and everyday.

Selling 7 "Fab in 5" collections totals $562.45 total retail which is
$112.49 Consultant profit at 20% PLUS $25 product credit for YOU!


Check out the new items you can use to increase your sales and profits this holiday season:

Holiday Open House Invitation - editable - Use this invitation to invite guests to your holiday events.

Who's on Your Shopping List? - Take this list to Shows to help guests find L'BRI gifts for everyone on their holiday list.

Pick Your Price for December - Use this to create a big desire to book a Shows early in December.

The L’BRI  Facebook Savvy  social selling training series begins next week with Lynn Bardowski. Learn how to harness the power of social online selling to compliment and magnify your home parties. Imagine expanding your L'BRI business from coast to coast. The possibilities are unlimited!
Here are the dates and details for the Facebook Savvy training:
In this 3-Part Facebook training you will learn how to optimize your Facebook Profile, Page, and Group to attract new Customers, Hostesses, and Consultants!

The training will be held LIVE right in our Consultant Forum Facebook Group, with a replay available for on-demand learning in the Learning Center. You'll get a link to the live video 24 hours prior to each training event and a reminder the day of.

Part 1: Thursday, Nov 8 @ 8:00 PM CT
Some of the things you'll learn:
  • What are the differences between a Profile, Page, and Group
  • How to use your cover and Profile photo to tell your story and attract interest
  • How to create a lead magnet to convert friends into customers
  • How to stay top of mind so customers come back to buy, book and do what you do as a Consultant

Part 2: Thursday, Nov 15 @ 8:00 PM CT
Facebook Groups: Create A Booming Community of Loyal Customers

Part 3: Thursday, Nov 29 @ 8:00 PM CT
Facebook Business Page: Get Found Online and Build An Audience

You will not want to miss this training!

Be sure to qualify and register for the BIG event in January. Join other Consultants who are on a quest to build their L'BRI business and create the lifestyle of their dreams!

As a Senior Consultant or above, you are invited to learn more, grow more, become more and have more! Register today and make it happen.

Contact your sponsor or Executive who can help you reach this goal. You can do it!


The Step Up 4 Success webinars are planned with those in mind who want to promote to a new leader level in L'BRI. Our next two webinars are planned for Tuesday, Nov 13 and Nov 27 at 8:00 PM CT. The link to the webinar will be sent a few days before the event.

The webinars are open to all Consultants. If you have not joined this exclusive group yet, simply watch the first webinar - CLICK HERE - and then if L'BRI leadership is for you, let your Executive Manager know that you are ALL IN and want to step up a leadership level or two.

Then CLICK HERE to watch the next webinar to begin your journey!
Love to hear from you!

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Lin Ragle