Wishing you and your staff an excellent National Nursing Assistants Week , June 15-22, 2017 !

Nursing assistants, like all direct caregivers, are arguably the most important members of care teams. They add life and sparkle to our loved one’s day. They bring smooth days and special touches because they know our routines and how to do things “just so." And, they are often the first to notice an “off” day, a patch of red skin, or a new symptom.

Our caregivers put their hearts into their work. With jobs that are both physically and emotionally demanding, it is not surprising they often have the highest turnover of any of our staff.

To be the best they can be, our caregivers need to be empowered and appreciated. We need to be accountable to them when they offer observations.Scheduling for consistent assignment maximizes their relationships and their autonomy to personalize care. Everyone benefits when we create a culture that supports our caregivers, fosters long tenure, and nourishes community. 

There are specific strategies to do all this. And like every other project we undertake, we need to decide how we’re going to know if our changes are working, and track those indicators. 

Read on for an introduction to some of our favorite resources and to learn about our enhanced Staff Stability Tracking Tool – hot off the press!

Warm regards,
The NNHQI Campaign Team

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