Focus on Attorney
Vernon C. Maine


About Vernon Maine
 Hello Folks! 
          Vern Maine here.  It has been a pleasure coordinating the presentation of this series of focus articles intended to provide you with a more personal perspective of several key members of our team.  In other articles, we've presented Attorneys Andrew Cernota, David Rardin, Matt Curran and Dan Long, and Doctor/Agent Doug Burum. I want to take this opportunity to introduce you briefly to the remainder of our staff, all of whom play vital roles in the total performance of this firm.
          Karen Labrie has been our CFO and accountant since the practice was started in 1993.  She crunches the financial numbers relentlessly, monitoring revenues, expenses, and client accounts to keep the firm on a solid financial footing. She handles compliance matters for all state and federal reporting requirements, and ensures that client trust accounts are always in good order.  She also manages the complex foreign exchange payments and receipts required of a global law practice.  Thank you, Karen, for the many years of great service!
          Lead Paralegal Sharon Belliveau and Paralegal Jennifer Vining double team the very critical paralegal mission, supporting each member of our professional staff with close, well-coordinated expert assistance to process client instructions, manage the docket, prioritize action items, monitor the status of our hundreds of pending applications at the U.S. patent office and elsewhere around the world, prepare and file documents, research procedural requirements, and correspond regularly with clients and with our extensive network of foreign agents, all to insure that our clients' interests are being well served and our attorney work product is correctly and timely processed in every case, in every jurisdiction. It's a big job, and they do it well! Thank you, Sharon and Jennifer!
          Denise Witmer has a wide ranging role. She is our receptionist and chief greeter, both at the door and on the phone. But she does this while also providing vital supplemental support to the paralegal mission and extra support as needed to the administrative and professional staff.  She coordinates and contributes to our client development effort, website maintenance and marketing efforts and materials as well, and helps with other miscellaneous administrative tasks. Thank you, Denise!
          Michelle Wyman is our backroom specialist, managing our daily finances, H. R., payroll, client accounts receivable, vendor accounts payable, and performing the necessary conversions to the often extraordinary billing formats required by some larger corporate clients. She coordinates closely with our CFO Karen LaBrie to insure that financial reporting is up to date, and provides important administrative support and coordination for management as well. She is responsible for tracking many of the vital administrative tasks and related deadlines for the firm while the rest of us focus on our legal mission.  Thank you, Michelle!
          A quick nod also to my wife Suzy who, with her B.S. in Paralegal Studies and years of law office and other varied work experiences, provides important executive and paralegal support to me from time to time as needed. 
          As for me, apart from the clients I serve directly and my responsibilities as the founding partner here at the firm in support of our managing attorney Andrew Cernota, my principal personal hobbies are fishing, flying and ham radio.  I own and fly a single seat sport plane, a Vans RV-3, N633TB, which I love to loop and roll.  I am licensed to fly helicopters as well.  It is no accident that our office lies underneath the traffic pattern of the Nashua Airport!  I am also an Extra class ham radio operator, call sign AI1I, working CW on the HF bands when time permits.   When I am not fishing, flying or tapping out Morse code, Suzy and I are often involved with our 6 children, their spouses, and our 11 granddaughters.
          2017 will mark 25 years for the firm in the practice of Intellectual Property Law! As we progress steadily through our third decade of serving you with the best intellectual property services possible, we thank you all for your trust and confidence in us, and for the many referrals you have sent us over the years.  You have helped us succeed; and our goal, as always, is to help you succeed.  Together, we can do this!

Yours truly,

Vern Maine