MAY 2023
A New Future for the Garden
Dave Wegge and Randall Lawton, Envision Foresight Consultants
This month the Green Bay Botanical Garden will welcome the community to its new Carol and Bruce Bell Children’s Garden, five times the size of its predecessor! The 47-acre, community-owned garden is open daily for a variety of activities that connect people with plants, sitting on land that was, 30 years ago, an undeveloped area full of potential. Recently the Garden's permanent staff of 32 welcomed Envision's Strategic Foresight Consulting team. Learn more about the consulting project.
Green Bay's Link to China's Balloon
Phil Hauck, Economic Transformation/Artificial Intelligence Signals Team
We all know where the infamous Chinese spy balloon ended up – in the Atlantic, off the coast of South Carolina. And now we all know it came from China, as suspected. But who actually tracked that balloon back to its origins and proved it had been launched in China? A little Wisconsin company being nurtured right here in Green Bay, at Titletown Tech, the innovative partnership between the Green Bay Packers and Microsoft. You'll want to learn about Synthetaic!
A New Path for Young Addicts
Tom Schumacher and Paul Demuth, Housing and Safety Signals Team
"I didn't want to have, like, any emotion, so I thought, like, the best way to, like, put it down would be to do more and more and more drugs."
So begins the opening convocation in a “recovery high school” in Denver, as one student faces his peers and begins the morning’s dialogue. It turns out there are networks of high schools across the country, both public and Catholic, dedicated specifically to addicted teens. Read about this new signal here.
The Future for the Ballot Box
Judy Nagel, Upward Mobility Signals Team
Here in our United States, one important step toward upward mobility is meaningful participation in our democracy, and that usually begins at the ballot box. But how smart are we able to be as voters? What do we really know? To what extent are we at the mercy of individuals, corporations and organizations that simply have enough money to fool the voting public? Learn more here.
Housing in our Area: the Signals
Paul DeMuth, Housing and Safety Signals Team
January’s “Point in Time” count of homeless persons in Green Bay discovered 41 unsheltered persons living on the streets — the highest winter number counted in three years! People who are chronically homeless often deal with long term mental health and addictive behaviors, and the traditional shelter models do not address the needs of this population. Recent research has pointed to a possible solution: peer-run housing. Learn about it here.
Foresight you can use
recommendations from Nan Nelson

How Will We Disgust our Descendants? The Polish Society for Future Studies suggests 93 "modern barbarisms" that might cause revulsion and disgust among our descendants a hundred years from now.

Democratic institutions around the world are locked in a generational-scale battle with the forces of authoritarianism, theocracy, and oligarchy. The National Democratic Institute in collaboration with IFTF, produced a report, Visions for Democracy: Expert Workshops on the Futures of Democracy to inspire people to protect, strengthen, and expand visions and practice of democracy.

From the Singularity to the Multiverse: Shifting Media Mythologies (a 56 minute video by Toshi Hoo, Director of IFTF's Emerging Media Lab exploring how the media are imagining the future)

Leah Zaidi and Jesse Damiani of Post Reality Labs present 10 scenarios that outline how metaverse simulations might affect life in the future—everything from entertainment to governance to food. Check out the PDF of Simulating the Future: Metaverse Scenarios.

As AI becomes ubiquitous, experts are split about how much control people will retain over essential decision-making. Will the role of AI be expanded in useful ways or diminish our control over our own lives? Read about it from Elon University’s Imagining the Internet Center and the Pew Research Center.
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