Focus on What You Can Control in College Admissions

We are swimming in unchartered waters. With the Supreme Court decision banning affirmative action and Legacy under review, many prospective applicants are scratching their heads. What does this mean for my application? Will this make it harder for me to get in? Or make it easier for me to get in? How will this impact the diversity that I want on campus? What does it all mean? 

We’ve been in uncharted waters before very recently. When Covid first came out, there were more questions than answers. And rightfully so, we found a way to get through it. The old adage, “Control what you can control and let go of the rest” applies to this year. We can’t control what the Supreme Court just decided. Just like we couldn’t control Covid.

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College Admissions is Not Fair

Let’s Get A Few Things Straight (about College Admission)

Rick Clark, the Assistant Vice Provost and Executive Director of Undergraduate Admission at Georgia Tech, also explores what you can and can't control in college admissions and why the process has never been fair.

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An Updated List of Test-Optional Schools

Although most schools will remain test-optional next year, Florida's public universities will continue to require test scores along with MIT, Georgetown, Georgia Tech, and University of Tennessee. Below is an updated list, which includes colleges that have pledged to go test-optional for the 2023- 2024 admissions cycle or have made this permanent change.

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And here is a list of top colleges that still require test scores

Upcoming ACT and SAT Dates
Click here for the list of ACT and SAT Dates for 2023-2024
Visiting College Campuses

As students return to campuses in August and September, this is a great time to plan college visits. With some colleges still offering limited tours, it is important to plan accordingly and book ahead.

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Why College, Why Academic Interest Essay?
Many admissions professionals say that they read the "Why School?" essay first. They want to see if you, as an applicant, truly know why you want to attend the school other than its excellent reputation, outstanding location, or world-renowned faculty. 

Importance of a Clean Social Media Footprint
As social media, for better or for worse, continues to strongly impact our society, it's vital to be mindful of how you portray yourself--especially for the college, internship, job, etc. application process.

Below are two articles that emphasize this point:

What We're Reading

I Am Bringing Back My Mother’s 80s List for Bored Kids

College Visits

CBM Revisits University of Maryland

Lisa recently revisited the University of Maryland, College Park, and learned all about the school's recent changes and newest initiatives.

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Volunteer Opportunities

We are getting a lot of questions about volunteer opportunities. VolunteerCrowd is a great place to start.

Additionally, they provide this informative guide on how to earn The President's Volunteer Service Award (PVSA).

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And if you live in New Jersey and want to help with food insecurity, St. Joseph in Elizabeth is always looking for donations and volunteers.

Please contact Corey Wu-Jung, Food Director at St. Joseph Social Services, at [email protected]

Our Current Favorite Podcast
Mayim Bialik's Breakdown
Mental health is always on our minds. We are loving this podcast because Bialik's wide range of guests welcome us into their personal lives and candidly share how they have learned to navigate their own struggles with success.

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