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16 July 2019
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Be sure to add us to your saved contacts! We noticed recently that certain email providers are automatically sending our emails to recipients' Spam or Promotional folders. We don't totally understand why this happens but we certainly try to do our part by not bombarding you. So when in doubt, search for and "rescue" a misplaced email, reach out to us, and we'll get through the growing pains together!

Come pray with us!
Starting in August, we will be hosting a monthly unity prayer meeting at the J17 Ministries office! It will take place at 4:00 - 5:00 pm the first Tuesday of each month. Mark your calendar to join us on August 6!

Double your investment - with a matching grant!
A generous donor has offered to match all new contributions to J17 Ministries starting July 1, up to $5,000! We are praying for 15 new partners, committing to give at least $25/month. One-time gifts and monthly commitments for other amounts are of course welcome. How will you invest in Jesus' John 17 prayer?
Invest i n Jesus' John 17 prayer
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Harmony Hub
Living As a "Together"
Rev. Gary Stokes
Co-Pastor of Goshen International Church
Before there were denominations seeking ways to get along, there was one congregation composed of tribes that were devoted to learning how to be a family... The shared experience of God, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit broke through their cultural notions, opening them up to this expanded  koinonia  with the most unlikely people!"

READ MORE about the parallels of the early Church and all they had to overcome in their culture in order to truly be a united Body.
Collaboration Corner
Serving Our Kids -- Together!
Cindy Bakko
Pastor of Abiding Savior Lutheran Church
"It always is so amazing how God works when you just let Him. God had a plan." All we had to do was do the part He gave us.

READ MORE about how a vision for VBS was brought to reality in a south Tucson neighborhood.
The Donkey-Elephant War
If you're at sea in a fierce storm, what great news it would be to spot a lighthouse. Politically, the wind has been howling for years in our country, with each election cycle running adrift more violently than the last. What good news it is that the very thing Jesus prayed for is exactly what we need!
Come on, little lights...
Let's reflect the Son together!

Each week we become more and more convinced of the need and timeliness of this topic. Here are three ways you can engage TODAY:

  1. Sign up to receive new material straight to your inbox as author Dave Drum field tests early drafts of his new book through a dedicated Donkey Elephant Blog!
  2. We need volunteers! Learn more HERE.
  3. Participate in a related research project by a UA grad student HERE.
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Men's weekend: July 18-21
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Sign up as part of the 72-hour vigils covering both Weekends. Pray for spiritual protection and covering for all attending the Weekends. May we be faithful to pray without ceasing.
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