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Kids, Race & Racism:
Where to Start

from Melissa Patrick, MSW,
Equity & Expectations
"Antiracist parenting is proactive, intentional and strategic. You need to model behaviors, including the mistakes you make...There are no easy answers. It's lifelong. And it's also collaborative ...I don't recommend you try to do it in isolation..."
- Melissa Patrick

Hello SPARK Community!

The following are resources and follow up from our program with Melissa Patrick - "Kids, Race & Racism: Where to Start." We are so grateful to Melissa Patrick's entire team (and family) for helping to make the program, and the sharing of her own racial story, possible.

Further, to support you and this work, we are excited and honored to share this comprehensive Resource Guide created by Melissa Patrick and Equity & Expectations. Its goal is to assist in continuing this ongoing critical process of antiracist parenting and caregiving. (Information on connecting directly with Melissa Patrick for further information, questions, consulting and speaking engagements is below.)

Finally, as this work of antiracism and building an inclusive community is an ongoing priority of SPARK - please know that we are here as a free resource and partner on an ongoing and continuing basis.

Thank you for your partnership, participation and feedback!
The SPARK Team
Handouts + Resources from Our Speaker
We are deeply grateful to our presenter, Melissa Patrick, for sharing a comprehensive resource guide to assist parents and caregivers in their lifelong journey of raising antiracist children.

As Melissa writes:
"This guide offers additional resources for you to continue this process of antiracist parenting and caregiving. Be realistic and remember this is a continuous process and you will make mistakes. You do not have to have all the answers. Hopefully, this guide will point you towards information that will help you find those answers you seek."
  • For the Resource Guide, go HERE.
  • For selected slides from the program, including the "Liberation" graphic below, go HERE.
More About our Presenter, Melissa Patrick
Contact Melissa Patrick

About Melissa
Melissa Patrick is an Educator, Social Worker, and Learning & Development professional. She brings this robust, interdisciplinary background to her work as a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) practitioner. Melissa is committed to advancing equity and social justice and has devoted her professional life to doing just this. She has worked with clients in various sectors, such as: education, healthcare, financial services, faith-based organizations, social service and government agencies.

Melissa is the Founder and Principal Consultant of Equity & Expectations℠. Her formal and informal education is why she is such an effective consultant. She is able to cultivate collaborative, engaging relationships with clients that are authentically based on trust. Learn more here.
Graphic Shared in the Presentation
Source: Craig Froehle (concept), Interaction Institute for Social Change. Artist: Angus Maguire
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