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"...[N]othing can be changed until it is faced.”
-James Baldwin

"Are you comfortable enough in your own skin to allow me to be comfortable in mine?”
-Dr. Kalise Wornum

Hello SPARK Community!

Below is the follow up to SPARK's program with Dr. Kalise Wornum on "Addressing Personal Bias While Defining Your Authentic Self."

We are so grateful to Dr. Wornum for such a dynamic and informative program with tools to help us address bias in ourselves, our families, schools, workplaces and communities. Thank you also to our host, SPARK Board Member Nira Mahesh, for engaging Dr. Wornum with audience questions and sharing some of her own thoughtful insights and experiences as well.

For your reference, we have provided some of the amazing resources that Dr. Wornum referenced in her talk. Also, stay tuned for more from SPARK on kindness and justice via our newsletters and social media.

Thank you for your partnership, participation and feedback!
The SPARK Team
Resources Referenced by Dr. Wornum
Some resources from SPARK + Dr. Wornum to support you in this critical journey of becoming aware and "complicating your exposure."
Books on Microaggression for Young People
Dr. Wornum's Steps to Addressing Your Personal Bias

  1. Become Aware
  2. Declare to yourself that you'll overcome that bias.
  3. Complicate your exposure. (Go outside your established "world" -- classroom, workplace, etc. -- to grow and learn.) It's active work. Intentionally put yourself in situations to gain more knowledge.
Featured Video on Bias: Peanut Butter + Jelly
Teenagers Discuss Micro Aggression + Racism
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