We have heard that some people did not get word on Saturday that the meeting has been canceled. If you know colleagues that were planning on attending, please help spread the word:

The AAGP Board of Directors convened an emergency session on Sunday afternoon. Canceling a meeting that’s on the scale and size of our annual meetings involve hundreds of logistical details. Unfortunately, almost all of these details need immediate attention since we were only days away from the beginning of the meeting when the decision was made to cancel the meeting. The AAGP Board of Directors and management team are working diligently through these details to try and make the cancelation of the meeting more manageable, for AAGP, you, our members and guests, and our meeting partners.

I f you have made a reservation at the Grand Hyatt San Antonio for the AAGP Meeting, please contact the hotel directly at (210) 224-1234 or via the link provided in your hotel confirmation to cancel your room reservation.   (If you are going to go to San Antonio anyway, the hotel will honor your reservation)

During this time, it may take days – or longer – to respond to any requests made to the office through email and voicemail. Our resources are limited. Please know that the Board and staff are working on identifying the best way to handle paid registration fees, exhibit fees, workshop fees, and other refunds.

The board will convene again later this week to review where we are in the process of handling the meeting cancellation itself, identify priorities, address rising issues, and more. We will continue to communicate with you regularly through this process.

This is the first time in AAGP history that an annual meeting has been canceled and we are all facing a steep learning curve. We appreciate your continued patience and understanding as we continue to navigate these uncharted waters together.

Rajesh R. Tampi, MD, MS, DFAPA, DFAAGP