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I'm sure everyone is aware that home theater is a significant part of our business. I have heard builders and architects tell me dedicated home theaters are going by the wayside. But, thankfully, this is not the case. We have actually created more home theaters in the last few years than we have in past years. I thought I would take a minute to describe our process of designing and building a home theater.

Step 1: The Client Meeting

We discuss all the parameters of the theater; location and size of the room, potential colors for the walls, fabrics, chairs, the type and performance level of the audio video components, the chair type and placement, acoustical wall treatments, and a sundry of other relevant topics.

Step 2: Design and Proposal

After the initial conversation, I will create a design. This will usually include a top view, so we can visualize the position of the seating and décor in the space. A side view to illustrate the position of the acoustical wall panels and the chairs (with particular attention to site lines, so front row seating does not block the view of the back row). A front view showing the screen and the proscenium (the decorative area around the screen). And lastly, the audio video equipment proposal. The audio video equipment list will detail all the components, projector, screen, speakers, audio and video processing components, remote control devices, etc.

Step 3: Review 
I will review the designs and electronics with the client. I'll get their reaction to my ideas, and make any necessary changes. Once the design and electronics proposal is approved and the client provides a deposit we can move on to ordering and fabrication. 
Step 4: Fabrication
Order the chairs, and start fabrication of the cabinetry, columns, moldings, etc. in our in-house cabinet shop.
stage in process

Step 5: Installation

Generally, the entire room (décor and audio video components) gets installed in three to five days.

Step 6: Review operation with homeowner.

Step 7: Enjoy 

Watch a movie, your favorite TV show or sporting event with a stunning big screen picture and breathtaking surround sound.

Japanses Theme front view screen

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