We will begin 2019 in community, “breaking bread” with our traditional pupusa breakfast (stacks and stacks of them). We will choose to carry the Light in all we do.

We first and foremost will love.

We will be peace makers, parents, friends and companions, entrepreneurs, workers, farmers, students, priests, healers, artists, athletes and dreamers.
We will learn to listen to grace and one another. We will place the needs of the “other” first. We will adhere to and abide by the words of the gospel.

There will be no stranger. We will love.

We will respect others and the land that we call home. We will will work to be build safe communities where all are welcome. We will admire and care for our oceans and forests and value our precious Earth. We will inspire others and be inspired.
We will create the new society. We will be new women and men. We will carry the vision and word of that Child. We will remember that night of His birth when the star burned bright and all found their path. We will bring our gifts to the table: time, treasure and talent.

We will build a new El Salvador and everyone has a place at the Tamarindo Table.

How can you participate in the life of the Tamarindo in 2019? Here are 8 suggestions:
In these beautiful last days of the year, let us thank you once again for all your given time, treasure and talent. Know how much we look forward to what we will build together in 2019.

Happy and Blessed New Year,
John G. and the Tamarind@s