I have endorsed Mariko Yamada Senate District 2 (Wolk is termed out) for reasons of her forty years of experience in the public sector working for social and public health and education.  She served her full term in the Assembly before running for Senate (unlike her opponent) and she stood up the the "leadership" of the legislature on water issues (think big water projects for other regions).  Other reasons include her efforts to help the City of Benicia get help for the clean up of a half century of pollution in the Lower Arsenal.  I support her for her integrity and grassroots support eschewing the kind of financial support her opponent is receiving.  Read below:

Assembly Member Bill Dodd has received for his 2016 campaign:

·         $50,577 from Californians For Jobs And A Strong Economy, whose recent funders included a recent contribution of $35,000 from Valero (source: http://www.electiontrack.com/ietotal.html and http://www.electiontrack.com/lookup.php?committee=1275549) (This PAC was also funded in 2013 by Union Pacific Railroad.)
·         $25,000 from Jobspac, whose recent funders include BNSF Railway (sources: http://www.electiontrack.com/ietotal.html and http://www.electiontrack.com/lookup.php?committee=1054833).  
And the following comes from the progressive Courage Campaign http://www.couragescore.org/hall-of-shame/
(see also https://www.couragecampaign.org/who-we-are )
The Hall of Shame includes the state legislators most out of step with their constituents, and most closely aligned with corporate and special interests that exploit Californians. To make the list, a legislator needs to have a Courage Score of 59 or lower - resulting in a grade of " F " - and represent a district which clearly supports more progressive policies than the legislator. By clicking "Read More" on each Hall of Shame profile a user will be able to see the legislator's top corporate contributors, as well as a narrative describing how the representative failed his or her constituents.


·         Beverage/Alcohol
·         Agribusiness
·         Gambling interests

Asm. Bill Dodd's voting record (Courage Score = 53) ranks him in the bottom 13 among Democrats, but his constituents vote far more progressively than he does. Asm. Dodd voted NO on SB 32, which would have drastically reduced carbon emissions by 2050, despite his constituents support for clean energy - i.e. his district voted 63% in favor of Prop 39 which would allocate $550 million annually to improve energy efficiency and expand clean energy in schools.

He also voted no on SB 443 - a bill that would curb an unjust, racist policy called Civil Asset Forfeiture that allows police to seize people's cash and personal belongings without even charging them with a crime.What did his district think about the War on Drugs?

Seventy-one percent voted in support of repealing California's Three Strikes Law (Prop 36 in 2012) and 62% voted in support of Prop 47 in 2014 which reduced non-violent felonies to misdemeanors - key policies to dismantle the deeply racist and flawed War on Drugs.

To top it off, Asm. Dodd did not support SB 260 (Expanding Medi-Cal protections), AB 67 (Double-Pay on Holidays), SB 7 (Water Meters & Water Conservations), SB 406 (Expanding Paid Family leave), SB 308 (Debtor Protections), and AB 708 (requires ingredient disclosure on cleaning products to improve safety).

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