Here is CleanSlateNow Action's most recent updates tracking where the candidates for municipal office in Denver are getting their campaign funds from .
We track the amount candidates raise, the number of contributions , the average contributions , the percentage of in-state contributions for each candidate, anonymous donations to each candidate, the degree to which each candidate relies on self-funding , and the percent of contributions that comes from individual donors as opposed to Political Action Committees (PACs), businesses, etc. We also list every contribution not made by an individual, and we've recently added Independent Expenditure committees spending.

Please click the links for each race below to see our full reporting on the funds each candidate in the race has reported raising.
Note: Due to a reporting peculiarity for Denver elections, our figures for the percentage of contributions that come from in-state does not always include non-individual contributions as in-state contributions. As a result, we have adjusted that data point and refer to it as "In-State Individual Contributions."
Thanks for your efforts in ridding the corrupting influence of big money from politics!

Owen Perkins, President
CleanSlateNow Action
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