Ventura County 2020 Census - October 2018
2020 Census Complete Count Committee
News & Updates
Brief Poll
The Ventura County 2020 Census Complete Count Committee invites all members to take a brief poll to determine the next meeting dates . We encourage every members to participate in the next upcoming meeting to build momentum going forward.
9/24 Meeting Follow-up
The VCCC's meeting on September 24, 2018 was held at the Ventura County Community Foundation and consisted of several members from local CBOs, representatives from Hard-to-Count populations, as well as several local dignitaries from Ventura County. We have drafted meeting minutes for your reference.
9/24 Meeting Materials
For those that were unable to attend or who are new to the committee, please look through the materials that were provided at the meeting.
These materials include:
  • The Request for Information that was submitted to the State on 9/14/18
  • An estimated-cost budget for Census Outreach
  • A summary of the research-based messaging that was conducted and presented by NALEO Educational Fund.
  • VCCC's attendees list
Community Resources
This is a member-led committee. Please feel free to share any additional materials or resources. There will be a designated community resource folder that will be made readily accessible to the committee on all the shared documents provided. If you have any resources to share, please send them to Daniel Chong .
9/20 Presentation to the Ventura County City Managers
On Thursday, September 20, Vanessa Bechtel, President & CEO at VCCF, and Rigoberto Vargas, Public Health Director at the County of Ventura, gave a presentation to the City Managers of Ventura County regarding the importance of the 2020 Census. You can click here to review the materials that were discussed during this meeting.
Timeline of Activities
Please click here to see a complete timeline of key dates from now through the completion of the 2020 Census.
Latest Media
We're excited by the most recent media attention stressing the importance of a complete count in Ventura County. Please click here to view our latest media.
Committee Roster
As you know, we are working to expand our Committee to 200 members. If you have any member suggestions, please forward their contact information to Daniel Chong .

Also, please check our online Roster and make sure we have your most up-to-date contact information. If you have any edits, please email Daniel Chong .