Reporting CR for Multiple Myeloma 
Pre-TED (F2400) and Plasma Cell Disorders (F2016, F2116) Manuals
For further clarification, here is a follow-up to the email sent on March 12, 2015.

Though it is preferable the biochemical confirmatory testing include both the urine & serum, CIBMTR will accept a CR status as long as the serum or urine immunofixation result is confirmed
.For patients with light chain only disease, CIBMTR will accept a CR status as long as the normal serum FLC ratio or the negative urine immunofixation is confirmed. 

To reiterate, the biochemical markers (i.e., SPEP/UPEP, serum/urine immunofixation & serum free light chains) require confirmation before a disease status can be reported. Bone marrow biopsies and radiographic studies (e.g., bone surveys, CT, PET scans, etc.) do not need to be repeated for confirmation.

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