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Follow-up to Ontario Cruising Instructors' Marketing Survey!

Dear Colleagues:
With the 2017 season behind us, the Ad-hoc Cruising Marketing Committee has resumed activity seeking, with the help of fellow instructors, to accomplish a number of marketing initiatives over the coming months.
To help guide the selection of priorities, the Committee decided it would be useful to do a quick update on a portion of the instructor survey done last spring, focusing on the results of the 2017 season and the extent those results did or did not meet expectations.
The update survey consists of 9 questions and should only take a few minutes of your time.
Please respond before Sunday, November 5, so results can be compiled in time for the November 6 meeting of Ontario instructors.
For instructions and access, please refer to the following URL:
If you have any questions about participating, please contact Melanie at Ontario Sailing at ucansail@ontariosailing.ca.
Many thanks on behalf of the Ad-hoc Cruising Marketing Committee