Heart Failure Week 6-12 May
European Heart Failure Awareness Week is designed to raise awareness of heart failure, including possible symptoms, the importance of an early and accurate diagnosis, and the need for optimal treatment.
Launching Our Heart Failure Booklet

We are excited to launch our Living with Heart Failure booklet during Heart Failure Awareness Week.

The booklet provides information to those diagnosed with, or awaiting a diagnosis of, heart failure, and their carers.

This brand new publication will be available from 6 May 2019, and can be downloaded by clicking here .

For a copy, call 01789 867501

Announcing Heart Failure Health Unlocked Forum
We recognise the need for 24/7 support to those who live with heart failure. This is why we are excited to announce that we have launched a new support forum on the Health Unlocked platform, specifically for those who wish to share their experiences and opinions.

We must stress that members on this forum are not medically trained, but we hope that it will provide a much needed support platform for you!
Arrhythmia Alliance World Heart Rhythm Week
Arrhythmia Alliance World Heart Rhythm Week will be held from 3 - 9 June. This year our focus will be
"We Hear(t) You"
How To Be A Defibrillator Guardian

Did you know that Public Access Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) need a guardian to check that it is in working order and safe to use?

Being a guardian is a simple, yet vital component in ensuring your local AED is safe to use and continues to be registered with AED Locator and your local ambulance service. This involves a fortnightly check. See this video to find out what is involved.

Visit www.defibssavelives.org to find out about placing a defibrillator in your area.

Take Control Of Your Condition At Patients Day
Sunday 6 October 2019
Heart rhythm experts from around the world will be at The ICC, Birmingham, UK to share their knowledge and speak about up to date research!

Learn more about your condition, how you can better manage it and what treatment options are available to you at Patients Day 2019.
STARS Patients Day 2019

In the PoTS meeting, we will be discussing popular topics such as sleep, nutrition and exercise. While in the RAS and syncope meeting, you can hear about "Managing your symptoms" and "The role of the pacemaker in syncope patients".

As always, there will also be the chance to put your questions to leading specialists, speak to other patients and share your experiences.

Arrhythmia Alliance Patients Day 2019

The morning session will see Dr Vishal Luther of Hammersmith Hospital, London, talking about "Am I at risk of heart failure, and what are my options?" among other topics including treatment options and relationships.

With four different breakout sessions in the afternoon, Arrhythmia Alliance Patients Day will have something for everyone! Whether you want to hear about ICDs, SVT, CPVT or you have general arrhythmia queries, this day is one not to be missed.

There will also be an opportunity for discussion with the specialists and other patients to share your experiences and opinions.

AF Association Patients Day 2019

This year, you will hear discussions on topics such as "Heart failure - What does it mean?", "What to do when you are in permanent AF", "New ablation technology", and "Left Atrial Appendage Occlusion".

The specialists are looking forward to being challenged once again with your questions, and of course, you will have the chance to meet other AF patients and share your experiences.

A Message From Our Marathon Man
We caught up with Ian, our Marathon Man on Sunday 29th April, after he completed the 26.2 miles in 5 hours and 45 minutes. Here's what Ian had to say.

It's not too late to support Ian, simply click the button below and make your donation.
How Can You Help Us?
Ecclesiastical have launched their £1M Movement for Good Awards, designed to give charities in the UK and Republic of Ireland the financial assistance they need to make a real difference. They are donating £1000 to 500 charities - we could be one of them!

It's so simple. All you have to do is click the button below, click "nominate now" and enter your details.

The closing date for nominations is Friday 17 May 2019.

The more nominations we get, the greater our chance of winning!

You will need our registered charity numbers:

STARS: 1084898
Arrhythmia Alliance: 1107496
AF Association: 1122442
Patient Support Groups
Arrhythmia Alliance - Milton Keynes ICD Suppport Group | 9 May
Arrhythmia Alliance - Gwent Defibbers Support Group | 18 May
AF Association - Frome AF Support Group | 20 May
Arrhythmia Alliance - Essex Heartbeat Support Group | 22 May
AF Association - Sheffield AF Support Group | 5 June

To find out more information, or to register to attend one of these groups,
call 01789 867527 or email c.payne@heartrhythmalliance.org

If there are no support groups near you, would you consider setting one up?
We can provide all the help you need to run a successful support group.
In The News
Alivecor Kardia Now Detects Bradycardia And Tachycardia

An update to the Kardia app on your smartphone now means that if your pulse rate is below 60 beats per minute, or above 100 beats per minute, the app will say either bradycardia or tachycardia rather than unclassified.

We thought we should test this new update in the office, so ran up and down the stairs a few times. You can see the evidence in the image.

You can also see the wording (in the case of tachycardia) explaining that the heart rate is faster than 100 beats per minute, and why this might be.

We hope that this will alleviate some of the worries that the original "unclassified" reading gave.

Visit our websites to catch up on all the latest news and information!

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