The Path

My path is unclear, yet clearly urging me on.
My future is unknown, yet my knowing is there.
My heart is heavy, yet heavy with gratitude.
My soul plan is unfolding, yet unfolding by instinct.
My faith is in spirit, yet my spirit creates faith.

- Lauren Heistad


April 28,  2018


I love the energy that comes with spring. Our spirits lift, deep cleansing occurs, and the long dormant introspecting energy begins to come alive into action and fruition. This is your time to stretch and grow into the new you that has been percolating all winter. Have faith. It is time to step forward onto your  own path the is unfolding before you. It is as unique and original as you are.

Much love and blessings to you. 

Lauren Heistad

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SOULworks Sacred Healing Centre

"Suppressed knowledge is fleeting. True wisdom is eternal." Lauren Heistad

SOULworks Sacred Healing Centre
Lauren Heistad is the founder and proud owner of the SOULworks Sacred Healing Centre located in Saskatoon, SK Canada. Lauren offers this modern day spiritual facility as a sacred space for people to experience and expand their own connection with Spirit. This facility houses a collection of healers, mediums, psychics, personal empowerment coaches, and a unique mystical store all for the purpose of offering spiritually based products and services. A tranquil Sanctuary within the facility provides a peaceful, serene environment to experience Spirit and enhance your connection. 

If you require support for healing, clarity or direction, please book a one-on-one session with any of the talented facilitators working out of SOULworks. They are sure to point you in the right direction and create that enlightened, balanced state of being you desire. There are also many wonderful workshops and opportunities coming up at SOULworks that will definitely help with finding your balance. Be sure to check those out too.


SOULworks Facilitators
There are a wide range of one-on-one sessions offered within SOULworks including but not limited to Intuitive Healing, Psychic Mediumship Readings, Trance Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping), Angel Card Readings, Intuitive Counseling, Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, Access Bars, Intuitive Life Coaching, Quantum Touch, Meditation, Hot/Cold Stone Therapy, Reflexology, Crystal Healing, John of God Crystal Bed, Psychosomatic Therapy, Coherence Training, Aromatherapy Massage, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Quantum Touch, BodyTalk and PEMF Therapy

To book a session with any of the wonderful facilitators who work from this facility and book your next appointment, please visit our Services Page.    


SOULworks Love and Light Emporium

There are new items and replenished inventory arriving on a regular basis! Come visit the SOULworks Love & Light Emporium for a mystical experience, hidden treasures, and unique items to provide you with the perfect inspiration and connection to spirit. 

"The path to enlightenment may vary, but the magic of spirit is always present." Lauren Heistad

Store Hours:  
  • Tuesday to Saturday 10:00am to 5:00pm
  • Closed Sunday, Monday and Stat Holidays

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Facilitator Workshops and One-on-One Opportunities
Facilitators within The SOULworks Sacred Healing Centre regularly host opportunities for your own advancement and awareness. For more details or registration information, please visit our Calendar of Events on a regular basis.

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!! Angel Card Reading Workshop with Brenda Dutertre -  Learn to read Angel oracle cards for yourself and others! Would you like to learn how to understand and trust the messages you are intuitively receiving? How to recognize your particular way of receiving information? More about Archangels, Angels and Goddesses, their significance and who to call on for certain situations?  You will have a lot of fun in this interactive class as you gain confidence in your new skills. The class costs $175, which includes a deck of oracle cards. A $50 deposit is required to hold your spot. Please register by Friday, May 11, 2018.  This class will be held in two evening sessions: Monday, May 14 and Monday, May 28, 2018, both from 6:30 to 9 pm.  To register call 306-491-6314 or email soulsongtherapies@gmail.com.  Brenda Dutertre ~ Certified Angel Card Reader ™

NEW - Tapping For Kids with Brenda Dutertre -  Let Big Ted teach your child how to tap with their magic fingers and recharge their batteries!  This mini-workshop is designed with children in mind.  Each child will receive a copy of Big Ted's Guide to Tapping and a handy reminder card.  This class will be geared for children ages five to eight.  Next class date:  Saturday, June 2, from 1 p.m. until 2:30 p.m.  The cost is $60.  Please call 306-491-6314 or email soulsongtherapies@gmail.com to register your child no later than Thursday, May 31.

NEW Tapping For Teens with Brenda Dutertre - COMING SOON.  Modern Energy Tapping is ideally suited to help teenagers with all of the problems they must face while growing up in this modern world.  This class is designed with teens in mind and addresses such issues as low self-esteem, exam "nerves", body image and self-confidence.  We will also touch on tapping to relieve the effects of bullying, and much, much more.  They will leave this class equipped with a powerful tool that they can utilize at any time.  The cost is $100 and includes a manual.  Stay tuned for upcoming class dates.

Tapping Circle with Brenda Dutertre - Tapping Circle features EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUES! This wonderful healing modality is so easy to practice.  No special equipment or paraphernalia is required.  You can do it any time, any place. This evening will help clear blockages in a group setting. $25 per participant. First Wednesday of every month. 7:00 - 8:30 pm. Drop in, registration not required. For further details call or email: 306-491-6314 soulsongtherapies@gmail.com.  The next Tapping Circle is Wednesday, May 2.

Introduction to EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques) One-On-One Workshops with Brenda Dutertre - EFT is just the right tool to add to your toolbox of coping skills. It is very easy to learn and no special equipment is needed. The price of this 2 hour workshop is $195, which includes a handout and one free consultation any time after the class. For further details or to register please call or email: 306-491-6314. soulsongtherapies@gmail.com.

Reiki Healing One-on-One Learning with Patty Dale - Choose to learn Reiki in your own personal and private learning day with an individual class. One-on-One classes for each Level of Usui Reiki, provide you with a manual, attunements, hands-on practice time and Certificate of completion, as well as a learning day that fits with your individual schedule.  Pricing: Level I - $250; Level II - $300; Level III - $525; Master Level - $625. For more information see www.horizonsenergy.ca. To book your private class, call (306)292-8936 or email patty@horizonsenergy.ca.

Events and Workshops by Lauren Heistad

"Perspective brings clarity, and clarity brings perspective." Lauren Heistad

Be Sure to Register !!!!
Please remember to pre-register for any events you plan to attend that require advance sign-up. We don't want you to miss out on these amazing opportunities.


*** I am super excited to launch the SOULworks Mystery School with an entire series of one-day workshops! I am kicking off this program with one workshop in May and the rest will follow in the fall. I look forward to finalizing my schedule and offering these new areas of development to our ever growing community of spiritual expansion seekers. All classes will be stand alone unless otherwise posted. Participants are welcome to delve into the class levels that you feel most comfortable with and/or are ready to explore. You are also welcome to take as many or as few within each series as you are guided. There are no rules here. Just sincere guidance and an honoring of each individuals' journey and needs.

Activating your SOULworks Workshop Series (Level 1 Classes)
Psychic Development -  Have you ever wanted to understand your reactions to energy, learn the basics on how to flex your intuitive muscle, trust in your ability to connect and hear messages from loved ones on the other side, or gain confidence in your own connection to spirit? This workshop will take you through many hands-on activities to help gain confirmation and clarity on your own psychic abilities. Planned with beginners in mind, this workshop will provide a safe and supportive environment to open up and expand your own divine connection, one step at a time. Saturday, May 26, 10:00am to 4:00pm. Investment is $325. To register visit: http://laurenheistad.com/store/p58/Psychic_Development.html 

Energy Healing 101 - Dates TBA

Manifesting and Self Empowerment - Dates TBA

Mediumship 101- Dates TBA

Dream Work - Dates TBA
Evolving your SOULworks Workshop Series (Level 2 Classes)

Exploring Divination Tools - Dates TBA

Intuitive Healing - Dates TBA

Conscious Co-Creating - Dates TBA

The Healing Potential of Mediumship - Dates TBA

Exploring the Chakra Octaves - Dates TBA
Mastering your SOULworks Workshop Series (Level 3 Classes)

Master Healer - Dates TBA

Lightworker Training - Dates TBA

Accessing the Realms at Will - Dates TBA

Exploring States of Trance - Dates TBA

Standing in your Soul Potential - Dates TBA

Inspiration and Guidance by Lauren Heistad

"We are what eras to come will refer to as the Transformational Generation. We are consciously moving towards global awakening by facing one fear at a time." Lauren Heistad

Letters for Change

I personally utilize a few Facebook pages. One for SOULworks Sacred Healing Centre, which has events and information happening here at SOULworks. Then I also have a Lauren Heistad page where I post things that are more specific to my own journey and introspecting. Lately, I have been having a bit of fun with some correspondence reflecting the changes I see occurring in the world. I thought I would share a few of the postings here. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed writing them.


April 23, 2018

To my fellow Lightworkers,

I am forever grateful for the loving energy you add to this dimension. Thank you for being brave and striving to abandon the collective conscious of ego, fears, and insecurities. No matter what your path or inner journey may be, your soul energy is a unique individual expression of Source and is most certainly able to help change the world, one heart centered choice at a time.

Of course we can.

April 24, 2018

Dear Darkness (in myself and all others),

You may try to convince me that balance exists when half of my thoughts come from love and the other half come from anger, fear, and rage. But to you I say, that may be the old pattern we presently find ourselves and the collective conscious in, but be damned if the world is intended to stay in that low of a vibration. I gain strength every day by staring my dark thoughts down, understanding the emotion behind my rage, and then choosing to change the course of my own individual energetic contributions to this world, one loving, unified thought at a time. And get this, so do thousands of other evolving souls, each and every day.

Heads up Darkness, your time on this earth is coming to an end.

Kind regards,
Bringers of the Light



April 25, 2018

Dear Darkness (in myself and all others),

Let's get one thing straight, I did not become stronger and more confident in myself because of the presence you have had in my life. I became stronger and more confident in myself despite the presence and influence you have had in my life. And guess what? There are many more just like me rising from the ashes.

The jig is up.

Kindest regards,
Bringers of the Light



April 27, 2018

Dear Darkness (in myself and all others),

I realize you prefer to always get your way, but there are many heart-centred, kind, more gentle and compassionate folks out there who are getting pretty tired of that old song and dance.

Time to take a step back from ego and let the light lead the way. We've got some pretty sweet dance moves that you might just actually learn to enjoy.

Kindest regards,
Bringers of the Light.



Lauren Heistad

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