St. Bernadette Parish
Dear parents, candidates, and sponsors,

Tonight we began the second half of this Confirmation preparation journey, focusing on the third Person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit, and what He has to do with our everyday lives. These followup materials are designed to help you continue fruitful discussion at home. After all, most studies suggest that parents are the biggest influencers of the faith practice of teenagers.

In this first session, we discussed some basic theology of the Trinity and that in the Holy Spirit we find our identity and belonging. Here are some of the main points:
  • We feel alone when we do not have life-giving relationships.
  • Pope Benedict XVI called the Holy Spirit “the most neglected person of the Trinity,” meaning we often forget that the Holy Spirit is God and we have access to Him through our baptism, confirmation, and prayer.
  • The Holy Spirit is the mutual love between the Father and the Son. The love they have for each other is so alive that the union itself is a Person, who we know as the third Person of the Trinity.
  • The Catechism describes the Trinity as:
  • The Trinity is One (CCC #253)
  • The divine persons are really distinct from one another (#254)
  • The divine persons are relative to one another (#255)


  • ASK: What was something that stuck with you from the video, small group time, or prayer time?

  • SHARE: Do you have people in your life who make you feel like you're alone, even when you're with them? Where/with whom do you feel like you most belong?

  • DISCUSS: Is it easy or hard to believe the God loves you and will not abandon you? Why?

  • PRAY: Read through the theme scripture from tonight (below), slowly, listening for what God is saying to you through the passage. Perhaps use the lectio divina method to guide you:

“But I tell you the truth, it is better for you that I go.
For if I do not go, the Advocate will not come to you.
But if I go, I will send him to you.”
(John 16:7)

Sponsors, we invite you to accompany your candidate through this process by using the Never Alone Companion Bible Study on Confirmation, available here: Never Alone Companion Bible Study

  • There are four sections to this study, so we suggest you do one each month (Jan., Feb., Mar., & Apr.), but you can decide the pace that works best for you and your candidate.
  • You may even may choose to "gather" on your own (online or socially distanced) to do the bible study and/or discussion WITH your candidate's friend(s) and their sponsor(s).
  • Between now and February 10th, we suggest that you focus on Session 1: The Basics, available on pages 1-7.

You should also discuss Discipleship Plan 1.0 with your candidate, including the details of the candidate's particular plan (if they have lost their copy of their responses, email Ms. Rena to receive a PDF copy). For more information, visit the "Discipleship Plan Resources" section of the Confirmation landing page:

The video we viewed & discussed during tonight's session, "Never Alone, Session 1: Belonging," can be accessed on the Augustine Institute platform FORMED.ORG:

If you are not able to access via that link, you will need to create your FREE account under the parish subscription:
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  • Select "St. Bernadette Parish"
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A few other notes:

Be sure that you have the following dates marked on your calendar:

  • Wednesday, February 10th, 7:00-8:30 pm - Candidate Session
  • Wednesday, March 10th, 7:00-8:30 pm - Candidate Session
  • Wednesday, April 14th, 7:00-8:30 pm - Candidate Session
  • Sunday, April 18th, 6:00-8:00 pm - Rehearsal & Night of Reflection
  • ALL candidates MUST attend in person, with at least one parent & (if possible) their sponsor.
  • Saturday, April 24th, 5:30 pm Mass - Confirmation Liturgy
  • Candidates and sponsors should plan to be available no later than 4:30 pm on April 24th.
  • Candidates MUST be present in person in order to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Your Discipleship Plan 1.0 (to be filled out by the candidate) and Sponsor Covenant Form (to be filled out by the sponsor) documents are now overdue. If you have not yet completed them, you can click on the hyperlinked words, or go to the Confirmation landing page to access the forms and supporting resources:
Our next Mass & Mercy Night is THIS SUNDAY, January 17th, and YOU ARE INVITED!
  • ALL Confirmation families are invited to participate in Mass & Mercy Nights, even those not required to participate in Sunday evening faith formation!
  • This month, Mass will be in person from 6:00-7:00 pm (by RSVP), followed by a guest speaker online from 7:30-8:30 pm (also by RSVP)
  • The topic is how racial justice & our faith impact our daily lives.
Candidates, we'll look forward to seeing you at our next candidate session, Wednesday, February 10th (if not before for Mass and/or Sunday faith formation)!

Come, Holy Spirit!

Ms. Rena