St. Bernadette Parish
Last night, at our final candidate session, Fr. Patrick stopped by to give us some insight into the sacred oils, especially the sweet-smelling Chrism Oil with which our candidates will be Confirmed. He also spoke about how we are baptized as Priest, Prophet, and King, and what those roles mean. He also challenged the candidates to think about WHY they have chosen their Confirmation name (affirming their Baptismal name or chosing a Saint's name), and to be prepared to explain it if someone (maybe a Bishop) asks!

Our next gathering is THIS Sunday, April 18th - our Rehearsal & Night of Reflection!!!

  • Sunday, April 18th, 6:00-8:00 pm - Rehearsal & Night of Reflection
  • ALL candidates MUST attend in person, with at least one parent & (if possible) their sponsor. NO VIRTUAL OPTION IS AVAILABLE FOR THIS MANDATORY GATHERING.
  • NOTE: This gathering will include Mass, so there is no need to attend a Saturday evening or Sunday morning Mass on April 17/18.
  • Dress for this event is casual, Mass-appropriate attire.
  • Enter through the FRONT DOOR (near the metal cross close to Stevenson Road).
  • Plan to arrive between 5:35 pm and 5:50 pm to allow time for the Confirmation Team to seat you safely.
  • When you enter, a member of the Confirmation Team will greet you and guide you through the check in process.

  • Saturday, April 24th, 7:00 pm - Confirmation Liturgy
  • This Mass is NOT open to the public. The Mass will, however, be livestreamed for those guests who cannot be present in person.
  • Reminder: Candidates MUST be present in person in order to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.
  • If a sponsor cannot be present, let us know that so a proxy can be identified.
  • The dress guidelines for candidates and sponsors are available here: Liturgy Dress Guidelines
  • Note: There is a public Mass immediately preceding this one (5:30 pm). Confirmation candidates, sponsors, and guests will be invited to enter once the previous Massgoers have exited and we have been able to ensure the building has been sanitized and is ready for you to enter.

REMINDER: If your numbers have dropped or there are other changes to your Confirmation liturgy seating requests, please contact Fr. Patrick Carrion directly. Small changes can make a big difference in how we are able to arrange seating and therefore how many total individuals and households we can accommodate!

For all in-person gatherings, please remember that masking and social distancing protocols are still in place. Please also remember that if you are symptomatic, feeling unwell, or have had confirmed contact with a person positive with COVID-19, you should stay home. If you must stay home due to these circumstances, we will help you to identify alternatives (such as another Confirmation Mass) once you can safely return. Simply let us know.
Watch your emails for individualized followup:
If your name is listed below, please check your inbox (and spam filter) for a direct email from Ms. Rena. You have some individual items (such as paperwork or an outstanding balance) that need to be resolved once we meet Sunday.

  • Bunker
  • Cho
  • Clabby
  • Dougherty
  • Ferko
  • Fowler
  • Gill
  • Hayes
  • Navarette
  • Revis
  • Valentino

What about "Never Alone" session 4?
Astute Confirmation community members may have noticed that I did NOT mention our final session of YDisciple's "Never Alone: Life in the Holy Spirit" series. That's because you have an OPTION of how you'd like to complete it!

  • On your own
  • With your parent(s) and/or sponsor
  • With a group of other candidates (if you are interested in getting together with a group of fellow candidates to use this video as a jumping off point to discuss life AFTER Confirmation, let Ms. Rena know here!)

You can access Never Alone Session 4: ALIVE using your account at:

If you haven't set up your free account under the parish account, you can find instructions below:

  • Go to
  • Click on "Sign Up"
  • Click "Sign up as a parishioner"
  • Type in "21144"
  • Select "St. Bernadette Parish"
  • Click "Next"
  • Type in name and email address (*use an address you are able to access easily)
  • Click "Sign Up"

Once you've created your account, you can access Formed on your web browser, download an iOS or Android app, or view the content on your TV using your Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, etc.
  • If you use an app, you do not need to log in repeatedly.
  • If you use a web browser, go to the address to minimize logging in.
  • *When you do log in, you will not use a password. Instead, you will be emailed an access link to the email you provided during signup.

REMINDER: Sponsor Resources
SPONSORS, please remember that there are several resources (Confirmation Bible study, candidate session videos, and more) available to support you as you accompany your candidate to Confirmation and beyond on the Confirmation 2021 landing page. Click on the "Sponsor Information" button to go right to the relevant section of the page. Please contact with any questions.
All forms & additional resources for candidates, sponsors, and parents are available on the Confirmation landing page:
Candidates, we'll look forward to seeing you and your parents/sponsors for the Rehearsal/Night of Reflection on April 18th!

Come, Holy Spirit!

Ms. Rena