Membership Modification starting January 1, 2023
Hello FAA Members and Friends,

For the convenience of our members, the FAA Board of Directors has decided to modify our membership year. Now that we are finally returning to a more normal activity schedule, and to simplify the renewal process going forward, we have decided that all membership fees will be due in January of each year, regardless of when you joined during the year, with one exception listed below.

The specific changes are as follows:

  • Membership dues of $25 per year for individuals/ $40 per year for families will be assessed on a calendar year basis, in January of each year. No more trying to remember when your membership renewal is due!
  • Members not renewing by the end of February will be dropped from our membership roster (but will always be welcome to rejoin our group at any time, upon payment of the then-current year’s dues).  
  • Any current members who have renewed their dues in October, November, or December of 2022 will not need to renew their membership until January, 2024.

Some members may not be aware that their membership has lapsed during the pandemic. You can check your membership status by visiting our website at: 

…and can renew online at:

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to your continuing participation. We are excited to return to our normal array of activities which will include Bus Trips (our first being planned for January), Art Camps, Membership Shows, Monthly Art Demos, Workshops, FAA “Staying Connected,” promotion of your own art, workshops you are conducting, and other art-related accolades on our website, etc.).

Annie O’Connell
Membership Chair
Folsom Arts Association

Cultivating and supporting artists and art appreciation are the forces guiding our association. The diversity of arts in our group leads to spirited discussions with lots of laughs. We're a group that enjoys getting together.

Angel by Chris Hedges