JULY 2019 

Sherwin Williams is open for business!

 Ribbon-cutting ceremony on Friday for Sherwin Williams, 2817 Old Canton Road
Deadline near for 2020 Fondren Business Directory
Directory displayed in Fondren and across the state

FRF staff is finalizing the reprint of the Fondren Business Directory.

The directories are displayed at Mississippi Welcome Centers, Fondren businesses, metro area hotels, museums and attractions, as well as FRF's advertising kiosks throughout the Fondren Business District.  Used by Visit Jackson to promote all things Fondren to tourists and conventions, this is a great way to promote your business throughout our state and beyond. 

Ad rates are minimal compared to magazine and newspaper advertising, and most importantly, you are assured that your ad is reaching your customers and promoting our area.  A one time fee for more than a year of incredible returns!

There are a limited number of double and single display ad spaces left ($650 /$350 respectively). Payment for the ads should be made at time of reservation. Ads are in color and should be submitted as camera ready.  To reserve ad space, contact J im Wilkirson at 601.506.9493.

The brochures will be printed mid Fall and distributed prior to the 2019 holiday season.
8th Annual Juried Art Show set for September 5 - 27
Artists' prospectus deadline is Wednesday, July 31

Laurin McCracken, international award-winning artist, will jury the 8th Annual Cedars Juried Art Show on display September, 5 - 27.  The opening reception is on September 5, 6-8 p.m.  Awards will be presented at 6:30 during the opening reception. 

Artists interested in participating in the show must submit a prospectus by Wednesday to be considered. 

McCracken currently serves as president of the Watercolor USA Honor Society.  His work has been published in a number of national and international publications. For more information on McCracken and the Cedars Juried Show, visit fondren.org.

The 8th Annual Cedars Juried Show is part of The Four Seasons of The Cedars Performing and Visual Arts Series and is generously underwritten by Jan and Lawrence Farrington.
Nominate a Street Captain, or volunteer yourself!
Citizen involvement makes our neighborhoods the best they can be

Fondren Street Captains receive a Googled Forms questionnaire on the first of each month to answer and return by the 15th of each month. Answers are then combined with other Fondren Street Captains' answers and comments, and hand delivered to the appropriate city department and emailed to Council Members for further investigation and response. 

The following streets still need Street Captains. To suggest a Street Captain or volunteer yourself, contact Belmont Trapp.

Audonbon Place, Broadmeadow, Brook, Cedar Hill Drive, Childress, Choctaw, Conti, Decelle, Donald, Edmar, Fondren Green, Fondren Place, Gaddis, Gunter, Holly Drive, Iroquois, Lorenz, Lynwood, Manhattan, Manila, Martingale Drive, Melbourne, Montbrook, Montrose, Court, North State St (from Council Circle to Northside), Northside Drive from North State to Meadow Hill), Northside Drive from Meadow Hill to I-55 North West, Old Canton Lane, Old Canton Road from Crane to Fondren Pres, Old Orchard Place, Parisian, Pine Hill, Ridgeway, Royal, Seminole, Sterling, Stonewall, Taylor, Tyrone, Wesley Walk, Whitsett Wak, and Windsor.
Fondren Fitness pre-registration ends Wednesday
Discounts for Fondren employees; prices increase August 1

   Kate Carter and Leah Wittenberg

Fondren Fitness will celebrate it's new members on Wednesday with a Block Party featuring
Charlie from Y101 , Mama Nature's Juice Bar , Deep South Pops , and Fertile Ground Farms.  The party will be from 4 - 6 p.m. and will include tours of the new facility.

Join by Wednesday to receive discounted memberships.  Fondren employees are also eligible for an extra discount if they visit the pre-registration center at 2763 Old Canton Road. Employees must show proof of employment.

Pre-registration prices start at $19.95 per month.  Fondren Fitness opens for business on August 5.

For more information: www.fondrenfitness.com  or call 601-540-0338.  

"Our Fondren" Update
Recent Zoning Changes in North Fondren

Compiled By Sara Weisenberger

Community Mixed Use-1, (CMU-1) zoning classification was implemented recently in the North Fondren Business District

Property Owners at 420 Meadowbrook (old Reaves Carpet/House of Randle Funeral Home) asked for a change from Commercial -2 (C-2) in order to have a small event venue with adjacent parking along North Mart Plaza. The Office of Planning and Development/City of Jackson recommended a classification of CMU-1 and the City Council approved it. 

The owners of 4436 North State Street/Fondren Plaza asked for a change from C-2 to a less restrictive use for the addition of studio, 1 and 2 bedroom apartments along the second floor of the retail/office building, located along the north side of their parcel. The Office of Planning and Development recommended CMU-1 and the City Council approved it. 

CMU-1 allows for a mixed use of retail, office, residential in the same parcel as well as additional features such as attention to landscape barriers, parking, lighting, fencing (site plan review). Other use restrictions can be added by the Planning Department, as needed.  Further, CMU-1 zone is designed for infill/redevelopment purposes and is focused more on pedestrian scale design. 

Historically, this area of North Fondren dates from the mid 20 th Century and has undergone changes over time. The neighborhood (FRF, OFNA) and the city planners recognize the need for review of the area as it pertains to commercial uses, the impact on the surrounding residential neighbors and inclusion of mixed use into established parcels. 
Hold My Beer - I need to fill out a survey!
You could win  ... more beer!

Thanks to everyone who attended our 5th Annual Mississippi Craft Beer Fest!
And, thanks to our sponsors: Capital City Beverage, Inc. and Southern Beverage Company.

Here's your chance to enjoy more Mississippi craft beer and make next year's event even better.  Compete our survey and be entered into a chance to win a Mississippi Brewery Gift Bag.

Get your entry in by August 10.  The drawing will be held at the next meeting of the FRF Board, August 13. 

US Attorney Mike Hurst attends COPS meeting
JPD gives update on crime in Precinct 4

US Attorney for the Southern District of Mississippi Mike Hurst attended last week's COPS meeting to hear concerns of Fondren residents.

JPD gave the following updates:
  • Precinct 4 has made 412 arrests, year to date
  • Precinct 4 has made 68 felony arrests, year to date
  • 344 Misdemeanor arrests in Precinct 4, year to date
  • 9 Juvenile arrests, year to date
  • 4 DUI arrests, year to date
  • Precinct 4 has answered 20,645 calls for police service
COPS meetings are open to the public and held at Redeemer Church, 640 E Northside Drive.  The next meeting will be August 22 at 5:30 p.m.
 Our Fondren Board meets with new FRF Director

 From left, J. Adam Strong, Dawn Macke, Andrea Falcetto, Rebecca Garrison, Kathy Clem, Sara Weisenberger, Peyton Brown.  (Lunch from Sal and Mookie's!)

Calendar for July / August / September

July 31 - Fondren Fitness Pre-registration Deadline; Block Party, 5:30 p.m.
July 31 - Deadline for Juried Show Prospectus (Download Prospectus)

August 13 - FRF Board Meeting
August 22 - COPS, 5:30 p.m., Redeemer Church

September 5 - Juried Art Show Awards Ceremony, 6:30 p.m., The Cedars
September 5 - 27 - Juried Art Exhibition, open to public, The Cedars
September 10 - FRF Board Meeting
September 19  - Symphony at Sunset, 5 (lawn opens at 6 p.m., concert at dusk) The Cedars
September 26 - COPS, 5:30 p.m., Redeemer Church

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