Unique entertaining made fun for everyone, including the host!
You don't have to be a 60's hipster to love fondue - this treat is here to stay!
Fun to serve and enjoyable to eat, fondue is a great way to stir up excitement at your next dinner party. 
Swissmar Olten 10 piece Electric Fondue Set
This versatile and easy to use electric fondue has a stainless steel pot with heat-safe handles on a heat-resistant electric base. The powerful 1500 watt heating element, with an adjustable temperature control, offers a flameless heat source for fast, easy, fun and safe entertaining. The variable temperature control allows you to use the pot for cheese, chocolate, broth or oil fondue. Easy recipes are included.

Swissmar Heidi 9 piece Cheese Fondue Set
Made with authentic Swiss clay, the fireproof ceramic pot is your way of really bringing home a little piece of Switzerland. Take part in a tradition that never gets old!

Swissmar Lausanne 3 in 1 Copper Fondue Set
This boxed set includes a ceramic pot for the chocolate and cheese fondue parties and a stainless steel pot for the meat/veggie dishes. The copper accents keep this fondue set on trend for 2020.

Raclette Party Grills
If you're new to the idea of raclette, allow us to introduce you. 
Inviting friends over to share the joy of raclette cooking is a time honored tradition in Switzerland. Sharing stories over drinks while creating personalized dishes is an activity everyone will enjoy; and you'll be cooking with your friends, not for them.

All Swissmar raclette grills are heated by an electric element with adjustable temperature control, which simultaneously cooks the food on the top grill and melts cheese on the trays below. 
Swissmar Classic Raclette
This eight person raclette features a fun red base and a granite stone grill top grill.

$129.99 (Regular $160.00) 
Swissmar Raclette Matterhorn
This eight person raclette features a fun red base and a granite stone grill top grill.

$129.99 (Regular $140.00) 
Swivel Raclette
Here’s a twist to a traditional raclette: the Swivel Raclette. Go beyond a memorable meal and unfold this unique raclette up to 180˚. Place it on the counter top and make it a part of every entertaining occasion.

$149.99 (Regular $170.00) 
Bar Caddy - 4 Bottles with LED
Give a toast with this four bottle revolving liquor dispenser. Your liquor of choice is gravity fed into each of the four dispensers. Simply push up to dispense a perfect 1.5 oz. shot every time. Each dispenser has a built in ambiance LED light.

$59.99 (Regular $70.00) 
The Ultimate Caesar 
Serve up the ultimate Caesar with this all in one set. Easily rim each glass in the included rimming tray with lid that doubles as a lemon / lime juice tray. Then just add ice & ingredients to each of the 4 included glasses. The Caesar recipe is printed on each glass.

$39.99 (Regular $50.00) 
Mepal Cirqula Storage Bowls
Make meals and freeze them using these Cirqula Mepal storage/serving bowls. Take your frozen container and place directly in the microwave. These bowls look fantastic for serving at the table. Finished your meal? Just place it in the dishwasher. Cirqula is 100% leak proof and is made in Holland. There are eight sizes available in a range of colours.

Customer comment on Facebook: Best bowls I have ever purchased!!

Starting at $12.00
Fondue and Raclette Recipes

Yields 3 cups, customer recommended!

Raclette is a traditional Swiss wintertime meal. The name comes from the French verb “racler”, which means to scrape.

Make restaurant quality crème brulée at home. Crème brûlée is a dessert consisting of a rich custard base topped with a contrasting layer of hard caramel.
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