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November 2015 News

It's that special time of year again when cooler weather gives way to flu and cedar fever season. P rotect yourself and your family before it's too late with our natural and effective cedar allergy remedies, and stave off fever, chills and headache with Influenzinum a homeopathic flu remedy made from the flu strains predicted this year by the World Health Organization. 

Below, read about how "health" foods aren't always healthy, how ingesting the right kinds of fats keeps your brain in shape, and even enter to win a free massage!
Pictured here, Wellness Specialist Jen shows off our Mocha Bullet, a paleo drink made with grass-fed butter, raw cacao and Bulletproof Coffee for energy that lasts!

Happy & Healthy November! 
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DHA on the Brain: It's Vital for Your Health
Did you know that the human brain is roughly 60 percent fat? DHA, also known as Docosahexaenoic Acid, is the predominant Omega-3 Fatty Acid found in our brains, so ingesting quality sources of DHA...
We've all heard that food is medicine. However for many individuals with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), food may actually be triggering symptoms. Understanding food as medicine, or sometimes as a poison, is not easy...

What's on Our Radar Right Now
In a TED Talk, Dr. Terry Wahls discusses how she reversed her own MS diagnosis; there's a new documentary on the harm from fluoride in our drinking water; and check out the benefits of bone broth (now at all Peoples Deli locations!) on Katie Visco's  Hot Love Soup site!
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The winner will be randomly selected November 15, and notified on November 17. 

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