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April 2018

Nominate a food allergy advocate for the Robyn Allen Leadership Award. Plus, post-secondary students can apply for the Sabrina Shannon Memorial Award where recipients can win two awards of $1,000 each.  

With summer fast approaching, check out our tips for choosing a summer camp for your child with food allergies. Plus, hear about our long-standing volunteers who were honoured at the Ontario Volunteer Service Awards last month. 

Health care professionals, learn about the upcoming AAISO conference in Toronto.

Participate in an immunotherapy study to treat peanut allergy - the registration deadline has now been extended. 

Read the latest research on the link between maternal distress and allergy risk. Plus, check out this month's mythbuster where we explore if pesticides and other chemicals can trigger allergies. 

Registration is now open (until April 27th) for the next session of Allergy Pals/Allies. This program has received outstanding feedback from past participants. Be sure to check it out! 

Plus, register for one of our free webinars to learn the basics of managing food allergy and anaphylaxis, and register your child for this month's Allergy Pals Monthly webinar on raising awareness of food allergies. 

Also, find out where our support group meetings are being held this month and attend an upcoming meeting.

This month, Linda Kirste, a Registered Dietitian, discusses how often children with multiple food allergies should be assessed by a dietitian.   

Elaine Wardley
When children are starting to manage their food allergies on their own, it can create some stress for parents. Elaine Wardley, co-leader of the Metro Vancouver Anaphylaxis Group and a parent mentor with Food Allergy Canada, shares three tips to ease the transition of responsibility to older children.

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