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August 2018

Learn how we are advocating for you with the EpiPen shortage and what you can do to support our advocacy efforts. Plus, check out our FAQs on the most common questions about the shortage, including questions on using vials of epinephrine or EpiPen Jrs as a substitute.

Back-to-school time is around the corner! Learn more about the resources we have to support children with food allergies and how schools can manage during the EpiPen shortage.

The Allergy-Friendly Kitchen Contest ends on August 19th! Create allergy-friendly meals for your chance to win our Grand Prize of a Napoleon Propane Gas Grill (valued at over $1,000).

Have your say and help to ensure food allergens are clearly identified on beer products. 

Learn about two studies that are currently seeking participants: a peanut study for 5-11 year olds and a latex study. Plus, read the latest in food allergy research: the risk of eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE) in children with allergic diseases, how breastmilk sugars can help prevent food allergies, and how allergic reactions are milder in infants than older children.

Check out our mythbuster this month where we talk about cooking at high temperatures and whether allergens can be "cooked away".

Participate in our many webinars offered this month!
  • Webinars on August 11 and September 11: Managing food allergy and anaphylaxis. These sessions are a must for parents of newly diagnosed children.  
  • Webinar on August 26: Allergy Pals Monthly. Topic is managing food allergies in school. Register your 7-11 year old today!
Plus, read about Allison and the journey that led her to start a support group in Regina - be sure to check out a support group in your area. 

Get the details on Asthma Canada's webinar "Asthma in Children: Management and Support" happening later this month.
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With back-to-school approaching, we wanted to share one of Linda's earlier articles on the art and science of healthy eating.

Linda provides tips on how to set up a healthy diet for kids with food allergies as they head back to school. In addition to providing sensible guidelines, she also provides three suggested recipes using substitutions for many priority allergens.

Arianna Flowers
Arianna Flowers is a 10-year-old kid-preneur. She is inspiring others and cooking up change with her allergy-friendly cookbook!

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