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December 2018
We've got you covered for the holidays! Take a look at our holiday tips on travelling safely, dining out, and enjoying the holidays with family. Plus, check out some fun holiday recipes.
Get to know our new Healthcare Advisory Board and read Kashi Canada's new peanut allergen precautionary statement notification.

Join us in thanking our funders and corporate partners for their incredible generosity and support of our initiatives this year.
Food Allergy Canada's Healthcare Advisory Board
Check out our advocacy in action around labelling on self-care products and "May contain" statements.

If you're a university student, find out how you can participate in research to better understand how food allergies are supported on campus.
Plus read about the latest in research, including how eating fatty fish can reduce asthma symptoms in children, how anaphylaxis occurs so quickly, and how common adult-onset food allergy is. You can also bust our latest food allergy myth!

Host your own allergy-friendly food drive which helps others and educates about food allergies at the same time. We have all the resources you need to make your food drive fun and interactive.

Plus, reach out to a support group in your area for tips and advice on managing food allergies over the holidays, a nd check out the upcoming Free From & Allergy Friendly Expo coming to Toronto, Ontario in March. As a Food Allergy Canada community member, you get access to an exclusive discount for this show!  
Be sure to sign-up for one of our free webinars offered this month:
  • Webinars on December 8 and November 13: Managing food allergy and anaphylaxis. These sessions are a must for parents of newly diagnosed children.  
  • Webinar on December 16: Allergy Pals Monthly. Topic is managing food allergies during the holidays. Register your 7-11 year old today!
This past week, we hosted an “Ask the allergist” webinar presented by Canadian allergist Dr. Julia Upton.

Dr. Upton discussed what’s involved in allergy diagnostics, allergy therapies, early infant feeding, how to treat reactions, what’s new in research, and more! 

Dr. Julia Upton is a Canadian allergist who is on staff at Toronto’s SickKids Hospital in the Immunology and Allergy Department. She is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Paediatrics at the University of Toronto and is the Section Chair of Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis with the CSACI.
Dr. Julia Upton

Do you have a question you would like to ask Dr. Upton for our upcoming Ask the expert newsletter series? Send it to us at
Peel Regional Police have started to stock EpiPen® auto-injectors at all their facilities. Discover what prompted this initiative and what is involved in having stock epinephrine onsite, such as staff training, location of devices and more.

We would love to hear from you! Share your stories with us at
Constable Ashley Kimlin (right)
and Alexis Silverman
We are a nationally registered charity and we depend on your donations in order to provide free educational resources and personalized support, and to be able to strongly advocate on key issues on your behalf. 

Your donations make a significant difference, here are three ways to make an impact:
Ensure you always have access to life-saving medication: This year, there has been ongoing uncertainty around EpiPen ®  supply. At different times, you may not have been able to secure a device, or get your full prescription filled. Help us ensure 2.6 million Canadians with food allergies always have a minimum of two suppliers for this life-saving medication. Your $25 donation will enable us to continue our advocacy efforts on this very important issue.
Help to prevent allergic reactions when you eat out: In a past survey 13% of people with food allergies we surveyed had at least one severe allergic reaction at a restaurant and in 73% of these cases, the restaurant staff were informed of their allergy. A $75 donation will help us continue our advocacy to ensure you can make informed decisions when eating out; this includes working with key government and industry stakeholders to create change in the foodservice sector, development of voluntary guidelines on food allergen management, and other critical resources and tools.
Improve quality of life: Close to 500,000 children across Canada have food allergies. Help us teach and support families when they receive this life-changing diagnosis so they can get the support they need right from the beginning. Your $25 donation can help provide parents with critical education and support.

Make an ongoing impact on all of our initiatives by becoming a monthly donor. For $25/month, which is less than $0.85 per day, your support will help to ensure we can advocate strongly across many different platforms on your behalf, provide education to the community, public, industry, and government on the seriousness of food allergies, and offer free personalized support to you and others when you need it. 

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