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February 2018

Sabrina Shannon
Read a personal introduction from Jennifer Gerdts, our new Executive Director. Plus, we are now accepting applications for the Pryde Family Travel Grant and Sabrina Shannon Memorial Award - the winners could be awarded $500-$1,000. 
Learn more and share with others who may be eligible. 

With Valentine's Day around the corner, be sure to read up on our tips on how to keep safe. We have tips for parents, teens, adults, and educators. 

Find out about our advocacy for improved food allergy education in foodservice, and read our interview with Dr. Soller on a study around parental anxiety - which many of you participated in last year. 

Learn about a recent study that finds asthma and food allergies are predictable at age one. Plus, check out our mythbuster series. This month we ask the question: Can someone with food allergies be cured of their allergy when they are given an epinephrine auto-injector? 

Sarah Nicholl and Marni Halter
Register for one of our free webinars to learn the basics of managing food allergy and anaphylaxis, and register your child for our Allergy Pals Monthly webinars.  

Be sure to attend an upcoming support group meeting, find out where they are being held this month. You can also check out our interview with Sarah Nicholl, co-leader of the Toronto Anaphylaxis Education Group. 

Sarah and her sons
A parent shares her advice on how to travel safely 
during the winter months with a child who has multiple food allergies. It's a great article with many tips!  

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Check out our Adults with Allergies blog! You'll find hundreds of articles written by adults with food allergies, sharing their personal experiences. 

You'll find topics on allergies in the workplace, managing anxiety, navigating relationships, and more.  

Spreading love this Valentine's Day! 
It's officially the month of love! Spread the love by giving the gift of education, awareness, and support. 

Help us raise public awareness of the seriousness of food allergy, so you, and your children are supported during holidays, like Valentine's Day, and all year long. Your $50 donation will help us to build an awareness campaign and educate others.

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