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January 2018

Jennifer Gerdts
We have a new Executive Director, plus, learn about the shortage of EpiPen auto-injectors, the allergen changes for certain flavours of Pringles potato chips, and the launch of OHIP+ in Ontario. 

You can also watch a video about the impact our Allergy Pals mentorship program has made and get direct access to the allergies feature in this month's edition of Today's Parent.

Dr. Ben-Shoshan, study's senior author

A recent study reveals one-third of anaphylactic emergencies in kids occur under adult supervision. Learn more about the study and what you can do to change this statistic! 

Plus, check out our new mythbuster series. This month we ask the question: Can only the top priority allergens cause life-threatening reactions?

Register your child for the upcoming 8-week winter session of Allergy Pals/Allies, you can also register your child for the January Allergy Pals Monthly webinar. Don't know what Allergy Pals is all about, watch a quick video to find out! 

Check out our other upcoming webinars to learn the basics of managing food allergy and anaphylaxis, and find out where this month's support group meetings are being held.

Dr. Julia Upton
Dr. Julia Upton discusses what parents and the medical team can do to help when children refuse oral food challenges.  

Linda Kirste
This month, Linda offers tips for optimizing nutrition in children living with FPIES or EoE. 

Stephanie Lore
Read about Stephanie Lore and how she became the support group leader of the Ottawa Anaphylaxis Support Group.  

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Our 2018 new year's resolutions: help us meet our goals. 

This year, our focus will span across foodservice to post-secondary, newly diagnosed parents and adults, and making sure you stay educated and informed on the latest research. Here are a few of our actions for this year:

  • Foodservice advocacy: We are invested in working with the foodservice industry to create voluntary standards in food allergen management, so all Canadians can feel confident and safe when dining out.
  • Healthcare professional outreach: Increasing our outreach efforts with healthcare professionals (like emergency department doctors and nurses, pediatricians, and family physicians) so we can be referred to families when they receive this life-changing diagnosis. They will get the support they need and access to medically-reviewed and credible information - for free - right from the beginning.
  • Keeping you educated and informed: We will launch a new webinar series that goes deeper into allergy therapies and research so you can keep updated on the latest developments.
  • Increasing allergy awareness on campus: We will be launching a new reference guide, the first of its kind in Canada, on managing food allergy and anaphylaxis on campus. This guide will help approximately 150,000 post-secondary students with food allergies. Help us advocate with post-secondary institutions to use this guide and make food allergy management a priority.    

In order to reach our goals, we depend on your donations.  Donate today  - any donations over $20 will automatically get a tax receipt.