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January 2019
Get clarity around allergic reactions caused by inhalation of food proteins. Hear from Dr. Edmond Chan and Dr. Moshe Ben-Shoshan on this topic. 

Attention post-secondary students: Get a head start and apply soon for the 2019 Sabrina Shannon Memorial Award. You can be awarded $1,000.
Get to know our talented and passionate Board Members. They are a dedicated team who generously volunteer their time and energy to further our mission of improving the lives of Canadians with food allergies. 

Our Board Members
Take a look at our year in review  with our advocacy initiatives, it’s been a busy 2018 making big changes on your behalf!

Have your say: Learn about the upcoming OHIP+ changes in Ontario and let the government know how these changes impact you. And, if you’re a post-secondary student, be sure to participate in an important research study!
Plus, learn about the latest in food allergy research: Find out how Canadian emergency departments treat anaphylaxis when the cause is unknown, get updated on the Viaskin Peanut Patch, find out about Aimmune’s OIT egg trials, and learn if the diet in pregnancy impacts the baby’s risk of developing food allergy.
Check out this month’s mythbuster: Are hives or other skin symptoms always present with a severe allergic reaction?

Get involved in 2019! Participate in the first Canadian Free From & Allergy Friendly Expo in March, and check out the support group meetings happening this month.  

Be sure to sign-up for one of our free webinars offered this month:

  • Managing food allergy and anaphylaxis: a must for parents of newly diagnosed children. Sessions on January 14 and 19.

  • Allergy Pals Monthly: for kids 7-11 years old, this month’s topic is on managing food allergies during outdoor winter activities. The webinar is on January 27.

  • Allergy Pals/Allies: eight weekly one-hour online support sessions for kids. This free program comes highly recommended from past participants. Sessions run from February 2 to March 24, 2019.

Video: Learn more about Allergy Pals/Allies. Register your child today! 
Ask the allergist is our newest segment where Dr. Julia Upton, a Canadian allergist, answers your top questions about food allergy. This month she answers your questions about oral food challenges.

Do you have a question you would like to ask Dr. Upton for our upcoming Ask the expert newsletter series? Send it to us at [email protected].
Dr. Julia Upton
Remembering to read the label, even when you’re comfortable with a product
Arianne K is one of our adults with allergies bloggers, she shares her experience about the importance of reading food labels every time, no matter how comfortable and familiar she is with the product. 

Our adults with allergies blog features stories, advice and tips on many situations unique to adults such as living with housemates, relationships, allergies in the workplace and more. Check it out more at

For more tips on understanding food labels, visit our food labelling section.

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Thank you for your incredible support last year. It’s because of you, we’re able to continuously help Canadians with food allergies live confidently.
This year, our focus will be on continuing to make a real impact and improve the daily quality of life for this community.