June 2017

Check out the impact we made last month for Food Allergy Awareness Month, and register for webinars happening this month - we have one on the introduction of peanut to babies, and others on managing food allergy and anaphylaxis. Plus, read about the latest news from Montreal on changes to one school board's allergy policy, Health Canada's advisory on lupin, and more.

Read our latest update regarding our meetings with McDonald's® Canada, view our recorded webinar on stock epinephrine in public settings, check out our spotlight on Oral Immunotherapy (OIT), and learn about the latest research from Dr. Peter Vadas on factors that may cause anaphylaxis.
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Check out this month's support group meetings, and learn more about Angela Harris who is the leader of the Greater Moncton Allergy Education Group. 

Linda Kirste, a Registered Dietitian, provides insight into ways individuals with food allergies can establish and maintain a nutritious diet. This month, Linda focuses on kids with multiple food allergies and what parents can do to ensure their kids receive proper nutrition.

We would love to hear from you! Share your stories with us at [email protected]

Hear from two mothers as they speak about how they manage their children's food allergies while living in remote communities across Canada.

We would love to hear from you! Share your stories with us at [email protected]

Sisters Delaney and Danica created their own fundraiser to support Food Allergy Canada last month, read their inspiring story and learn how you can make a difference at any age!