Food Allergy Canada is a nationally registered charity committed to educating, supporting, and advocating for the more than 2.6 million Canadians with food allergy.
June 2018

Alex & Thea
We've launched the Summer of TAG, with race car star Alex Tagliani! This year's theme is around allergy-friendly kitchens - be sure to check out exclusive allergy-friendly recipes created by MasterChef Canada 2017 finalist Thea Vanherwaarden and Registered Dietitian Linda Kirste. Stay tuned for contest details!

Learn about our collaboration with the Sweet Caroline Foundation and the recently launched pilot program for Canadian middle schools and high schools. 

Attention post-secondary students: Apply for the Sabrina Shannon Memorial Award for a chance to win $1,000. Hurry, the deadline for applications is June 22nd. 

Food Allergy Awareness Month is over and we accomplished so much together! Find out how we did with our national outreach efforts. Also, check out our articles that were featured in Maclean's magazine last month.

Make sure your voice is heard! Participate in an important study that's looking at the costs involved in living with food allergy. The results of this study will provide insight into the economic impact of living with a food allergy - helping us to advocate on your behalf. Please take the survey today and share with others! 

This month we talk about "may contain" labelling: Find out about our recent advocacy efforts, and check out our mythbuster which asks the question: "Are "may contain" allergen labels mandatory in Canada?".

Plus, learn about the latest in food allergy research: Find out how immune cells may be used to treat food allergy, learn about the results of a peanut oral immunotherapy clinical trial, and read about a new European study that shows significant psychosocial burden associated with peanut allergy. 

Participate in our many webinars offered this month!
  • Webinar on June 27: Travel tips for young adults with food allergies. Join us for an informative and lively webinar to learn how to stay safe while travelling. This webinar is not to be missed!
  • Webinars on June 5 and June 7: Managing food allergy and anaphylaxis. These sessions are a must for parents of newly diagnosed children.  
  • Webinar on June 24: Allergy Pals Monthly. Topic is managing food allergies while camping. Register your 7-11 year old today!
Plus, check out the support group meetings happening this month! You can also read about Angela, who runs the support group in Moncton.
Learn more
Linda Kirste, a Registered Dietitian, addresses the question that many parents of children with food allergies have - how to ensure their child is growing well and what to do when your child has a low weight.

Luke Melendez
Luke Melendez is only 10 years old, but he's proving that age is just a number by teaching his peers and their families about food allergies at his school's wellness night.

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Jackie & Eli Sidel
Get inspired by 7-year-old Jackie Sidel who generously fundraised for Food Allergy Canada by asking her guests to donate to us in honour of her birthday through EchoAge. 

As mom Johanna commented, "We are very proud of Jackie, first for being open to the idea of donating a portion of her gift to a notable charity and second, for choosing something that affects our daily lives. She realizes that she can have a positive impact and change the future."

Read the full story and learn how you can also start your own fundraiser!