November 2017

Find out who the winners were for the 2017 Sabrina Shannon Memorial Award, and read about Justin Mathews, who passed away last month, and his family's call-to-action. Plus, learn more about exercise-induced anaphylaxis, and alpha-gal allergy (also known as meat allergy).

Hon Mitzie Hunter and Beatrice Povolo
View our recently recorded webinar with Dr. Manel Jordana on the science behind food allergy, discover the conferences we attended to keep up-to-date on research, learn more about the Ontario Government's new announcement to support children with prevalent medical conditions (including anaphylaxis), and participate in an innovative twin study to help researchers look further into the genetic and environmental aspects of food allergy. 

Plus, learn more about the latest in peanut research: read about the new gene associated with peanut allergy and learn why the ViaskinĀ® Peanut patch failed the phase 3 trial.  

You can also read our latest installment in our allergy treatment spotlight. This month, we feature Dr. Xiu-Min Li and her Chinese herbal allergy remedies.  
Get involved

Register for our many upcoming webinars, including one on November 23 with Linda Kirste, a Registered Dietitian who will speak about nourishing children with food allergy. You can also check out this month's support group meetings.   

Linda Kirste
Linda Kirste, a Registered Dietitian, provides insight into ways individuals with food allergies can establish and maintain a nutritious diet. This month, Linda focuses on whether children and youth should take supplements to help avoid nutritional deficiencies.

Michele and Charlene
Hear from the co-chairs of the Saskatoon Anaphylaxis Support Group on why they started their support group. They share their journey and how their group helps to support families impacted by food allergy.  

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