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November 2019
Get an update on our National Food Allergy Action Plan and find out what our next steps are with the federal government now that the election is over.

Find out how shining a teal light helped to create food allergy awareness across the country for Halloween.

Plus, register for our upcoming webinar on food allergy myths.

Hear about the medical conferences we attended this past month where we learned more about food allergy research, and helped to ensure food allergy remained top of mind across other healthcare sectors. 

Check out what’s new in research including the role of antihistamines in anaphylaxis, updates on various immunotherapy treatments being reviewed in the U.S., and learn how you can participate in the latest research studies.

Plus, show your support for the CHILD Cohort Study video and read our latest mythbuster.

Find out the facts behind some common food allergy myths about food allergens, signs and symptoms, reactions, and more!

Learn about the top misconceptions about food allergy from Dr. Susan Waserman. Register now!
Managing food allergy and anaphylaxis. These sessions are a must for parents of newly diagnosed children and are filling up fast.

Spaces are limited, register today!
Check out the  support group meeting happening this month  in Toronto, ON, and learn about our support group leaders from across the country.

Dr. Upton
Ask the allergist is our regular newsletter feature where Dr. Julia Upton answers your questions! 

This month she answers a question on epinephrine – is it okay to give a third dose of epinephrine if symptoms don’t improve after the second dose?

Do you have a question you would like to ask Dr. Upton for our upcoming Ask the expert newsletter series? Send it to us at [email protected].
Making an impact by shining a teal light: One family shares their story.
We spoke with Deborah Eller from St. Catharines, Ontario on her experience participating in our #ShineATealLight campaign and the response it received from her community.

Deborah's nephew Rylan, 11, wearing his Shine a Light bracelet
Donate to support the National Food Allergy Action Plan
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Thanks again to all of you who participated in our #FoodAllergyVotes campaign to #MakeFoodAllergyCount this past federal election.

As a non-profit, we rely on the donations of many supporters to help us advocate on your behalf. 

Please help us continue the food allergy conversation with all levels of government by donating. Your generous donations will help support our next steps in advocating for a National Food Allergy Action Plan to make food allergy a public health priority and driving real change.