September 2017

EpiPen manufacturer receives a warning letter from the FDA, congratulate our Summer of TAG winners, review our back to school tips and discover our many resources broken out by ages and stages, find out more about our webinars for parents and kids, and learn about Asthma Canada's rebranding.

Learn more about the latest in peanut research, including a study on eating peanut while breastfeeding, Dr. Gordon Sussman's clinical study with the ViaskinĀ® Peanut patch, and a review from Canadian allergists/immunologists on the Australian oral immunotherapy study on peanut allergy. You can also read the response from allergists on the death of a 3-year-old boy during a baked milk challenge. 

Check out this month's support group meetings, discover various events in the community - including the Walk for Andrea, the Canadian Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Foundation (CAAIF) Gala and Auction, and Asthma Canada's Breathe Easy Conference. You can also learn how you can become a media volunteer.   

Linda Kirste, a Registered Dietitian, provides insight into ways individuals with food allergies can establish and maintain a nutritious diet. This month, Linda provides tips on how to set up a healthy diet for kids with food allergies as they head back to school.

From the community
Hear from the co-chairs of the Saskatoon Anaphylaxis Support Group and what they wish they had known at first diagnosis with food allergies.  Read more

Plus check out a fun and spooky Halloween recipe (and video!) from Nestle Canada.

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