MAY 2022
Food For Thought This Mother's Day
Riane Eisler in mom mode.
This Mother's Day, we invite you to reflect on what today should really be about. Should it be about nice words and pretty flowers? Or should it be about giving the moms who care for us, and the essential work they do, real worth?

Only when caregiving is valued can
we realistically expect more caring social policies. Let's take a good look at our values and economic policies this Mother's Day, and see to it that our policy-makers do the same.
This is the real gift we should
give mothers--and fathers
and children--this Mother's Day.

Please download and share any or all of the Mother's Day social cards below:
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The Partnerism Movement is a CPS initiative to accelerate the shift from Domination to Partnership Systems. We start with a caring economics of Partnerism, an economic system that, unlike Capitalism and Socialism, values and rewards caring for one another, nature, and our collective future. We invite you to join the Partnerism Movement.