November 2018    

Buying in Bulk   
Join the club! Shopping for groceries and other items at warehouse club stores has been a growing trend for over a decade - and most of us could use some help when it comes to navigating the do's and don'ts of buying in bulk!
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Are Your Kitchen Surfaces and Sponges Really Clean?
You can find illness-causing germs all around your kitchen. So, it's important not only to wash your hands, but also to clean kitchens surfaces and sponges to prevent the spread of bacteria with your holidays meal preparations.



Enjoy the aroma of pumpkin pie with this delightfully rich and hearty quick bread.
Looking for a vegetarian alternative on the Thanksgiving menu? These savory cakes replace crab with cannellini beans for a delicious vegetarian treat! 

Frozen vegetables and tiny pasta stars cooked in a flavorful tomato-based broth in inexpensive, delicious and healthier than canned soup. Try adding leftover turkey too!


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