April 2017 

Time to Unplug
Ungluing your kids from the TV set and other screens may help prevent and treat weight problems.
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Go! Tips to Put the Spring  
Back in Your Step
Birds chirping, trees blooming and feet on the pavement all signal the arrival of spring. After a long winter slumber, these five simple steps will get you on your feet again - the safe and healthy way.

Julienne Vegetables 
Finding fun and new ways to serve vegetables - like julienning - can make it easier to get the two and a half cups we need every day.



The whole family will hop right up to sample this healthy treat - a delicious carrot bread recipe made with half whole-wheat flour.

Although you can grill, steam or broil asparagus, you'll love it roasted. This tasty and simple dish goes well with chicken, lamb or fish.

Cinnamon gets a savory turn in this lightened-up version of a Lebanese favorite.

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