June 2017 

Summer Is Time for Kids  
to Try New Foods
Summer brings a seasonal abundance of delicious new foods. Now is the perfect time to introduce new fruits and vegetables to kids.
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Fire Up the Barbeque 
As the weather gets warmer and people spend more time outside, it's a great time to think about barbecues and all of the fun and tasty ways to grill foods safely.


Did You Know?:  
What are Chia Seeds?  
When you hear "chia" your first thought may be of the green fur or hair of Chia Pets, collectible clay figurines. But did you know that chia seeds also can be a healthful addition to your diet?



Your child may take a sandwich for lunch, but lunch meat can be loaded with sodium and nitrites. Try this homemade grilled chicken salad instead.

This recipe may sound like dessert, but oats deliver whole-grain goodness. The blueberries in this breakfast crisp deliver antioxidants, as well as fiber and vitamin C; the pears are a good fiber source. Why not start the day with this crisp recipe? The kids will love it!


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