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Wines with South Indian Fare


Pairing Indian Food with Wine has thus far been a 

rather contentious topic. Whilst there has been plenty of talk and some attempts aimed at marrying wine with milder, in most cases modified, Indian flavours, too little has been done when it comes to pairing robust Indian dishes with wine.


So at Food Lovers we picked the gauntlet in a first of its kind comprehensive research study attempting to marry traditional dishes with the best that the Indian wine 

world has to offer. 


The Vanishing Kodavas


Noted writer, Kaveri Ponnapa's book, The Vanishing Kodavas is a mesmerising ode to the people of Coorg, their extraordinary way of life, culture and traditions. In this free-wheeling interview, she speaks to Nalini Menon about her inspiration for the book, its journey and beyond. Read more... 


Bon Vivant


Bon Vivant, has something for everyone and every season. The most premium retail food products sourced from around the world, a large selection of local and premium liquors, quirky yet useful bar accessories and to top  it all off freshly brewed coffee and gourmet desserts/pastries.


Come indulge and shop for all your requirements this holiday season at Bon Vivant.  Read more...  



Pepper Caf�



Winter has set in and its time to try some soul warming food at Peppercafe, the city's one stop for fine Eurasian food. Come dine with Chef Rohan and his team as he dishes out a menu prepared from the season's

finest ingredients.


Do call us on 41130000 for reservations.

More here...

Restaurateur Showcase
Not content with playing chef as a kid, Prasanna Swamy's culinary quest led him to Vietnam, an experience that gave birth to Phobidden Fruit, Bangalore's first and only free-standing Vietnamese restaurant.
Tell us how you started out as a restaurateur. 
As a kid, I did a lot of role-playing - engineer, detective, rocket scientist, plumber, chef, electrician, boat-builder... the list is endless. Read more...  


Say it right 

Buffet-/ˈbʊfeɪ/-Boo-fay- is a system of serving meals in which food is placed in a public area where the diners generally serve themselves. While serving oneself at a meal has a long history, the modern buffet was developed in France in the 18th century, soon spreading throughout Europe.  Click here for more...


FLCPC Hamper
Food Lovers Club Privilege Card Selection


Restaurant Pick: Fava

Chef Abhijit Shah's Mediterranean all-day dining restaurant is a hit for its menu that goes well beyond the Mezzes "that by themselves are quite good". Some of the "faves" include the Tasting of Mezzes, Zuchini and Mint Kebab, Turkish Fish Kebab, "a refreshing" Greek Salad, "the best" Shawarma. 
Read more... 


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Chefs Choice: Food you will fall in love with!

Chef Krishna Sharma, Monsoon - The Park, recommends:

Tabak Maas - Traditional Kashmiri style lamb ribs; Khumb Ka Khajana  - Marinated mushroom stuffed with spinach, brown onion and cheese in tandoor; Oriental Fish Skewers - Spicy Basa flavoured with kaffir lime. More here

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Chocolate Concorde 

This decadent cake combines the flavours of chocolate with banana and rum, and offers creamy and crunchy textures at the same time.
For the Chocolate Meringue Rings  
3 egg whites 
100 gm castor sugar 
100 gm icing sugar 
20 gm cocoa powder Full recipe here...  


Sauce it up!


In the early 19th century, the Chef Antonin Car�me created an extensive list of sauces, many of which were original recipes. It is unknown how many sauces Car�me is responsible for, but it is estimated to be in the hundreds. It was he who began to classify sauces. Read more... 


A La Carte 
Flame Grilled Mediterranean Harissa Prawns
By Chef Sandeep Ghosh, On The Edge
Serves 4

24  large prawns

  2  tbsp prepared harissa paste

  2  tbsp olive oil  Full recipe here... 


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