May 2019
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GFCO Document Updates

GFCO has recently added additional certification bodies to provide manufacturers with a choice in GFCO gluten-free certification services (please visit to see the current GFCO-approved certification bodies). In order to make the certification requirements and processes clear, GFCO has split the GFCO Certification Manual into two documents: 1) The GFCO Scheme Manual, which describes all of the certification requirements and options that apply regardless of which certification body is chosen, and 2) The GFCO Certification Body Manual, which provides the specific steps of the certification process when you choose GFCO as your certification body.
This document split resulted in some changes to wording and organization of the information. It also gave us the opportunity to add some additional information about things like proficiency testing, and how to respond to >10 ppm gluten results in finished product. All new certification applicants will be expected to adhere to the policies in the Scheme Manual and, if they choose GFCO as their certification body, the GFCO Certification Body Manual, when they submit their application. But for current certification holders, any policy changes will not be implemented for 90 days (August 15th, 2018). On that date, the current GFCO Certification Manual will be considered no longer valid. Please review the new GFCO Scheme Manual at , and the new GFCO Certification Body Manual at .
REMINDER: Testing Submissions for the first
quarter of 2019 were due on April 10th. Please make
sure you have submitted your data to .
Your GFCO Certificate

The GFCO Product Certificate is an essential document for demonstrating that your products are certified gluten free according to the GFCO Certification Standard. There is a dual– or triple-authentication process for confirming that a product is certified by GFCO, and that is:

  • For products sold to industry that are not in retail packaging, they are considered certified if they:
  • Appear on a current certificate issued by GFCO, AND
  • Appear on GFCO’s public list of certified products (currently the Buyer & Distributor Guide)

  • For retail products, they are considered certified if they:
  • Carry the GFCO certification mark (logo) AND
  • Appear on a current certificate issued by GFCO, AND
  • Appear on GFCO’s public list of certified products (currently the Buyer & Distributor Guide)
The certificate is a very important document, and we want you to understand each section. Click the image to view a larger printable version.

Certification Updates  
In order to provide our certification clients with better service, we have created centralized email addresses for some common reporting tasks.
Everyone is familiar with the email that is used for submitting quarterly testing data. We now have specific email addresses for submitting packaging proofs and marketing materials for approval, and for reporting positive gluten test results in certified finished products.
Please submit your packaging proofs and marketing materials to:
And please submit any reports of confirmed positive test results in finished product to:
The use of these addresses will ensure the fastest response time to these requests/reports.
Come See Us!
Stop by and see GFCO at the following shows this Spring/Summer:
  • National Restaurant Association May 18-21 at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL

  • Summer Fancy Food Show June 23-25 at the Jacob Javitz Center in New York, NY

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