Quarter 3 2020 – Supplement

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  • FDA Final Rule on Fermented and Hydrolyzed Products and Ingredients
  • Marketing Opportunities for Global Certification Mark
  • GFCO Certification Update
GFCO Guidance on the FDA Final Rule:
Food Labeling; Gluten-Free Labeling of Fermented or Hydrolyzed Foods

On August 13, 2020, the FDA released its Final Rule on gluten-free labeling of products that are fermented or hydrolyzed. The rule has an effective date of October 13, 2020.

The FDA Final Rule contains two major policies, both of which are in line with GFCO’s current requirements for certification. To paraphrase, these two policies are:

  1. Any product that is fermented or hydrolyzed must be made from gluten-free starting materials, in order to bear a gluten-free claim, unless point 2 applies.
  2. Distillation can be used to remove any residual proteins from a fermented or hydrolyzed liquids made from gluten-containing starting materials.

The FDA is requesting that producers of fermented or hydrolyzed materials, or manufacturers that use them as ingredients, be able to document that the starting materials were gluten free prior to the fermentation/hydrolysis step, or that fermented/hydrolyzed liquid materials were adequately distilled to remove all residual proteins. Additionally, it must be documented that the producer of the fermented/hydrolyzed material is taking appropriate steps to prevent the introduction of gluten during the manufacturing process.

GFCO has prepared a guidance document to help our manufacturers with these new requirements. Please click here to access this document.

Marketing Opportunities for Global Certification Mark
We want all GFCO clients to be aware of the Gluten Intolerance Group’s plans for the consumer launch of the GFCO global certification mark. A robust consumer education and awareness effort begins in September 2020 and we want you to be a part of our efforts. Together, we will ensure that all gluten-free consumers recognize the new GFCO certification mark, and understand what it means.

Let’s get started! Here are five ways to get involved today. 

All Companies are invited to join in:
1. Public Relations Effort (No Cost)
GIG’s public relations agency, Sterling Kilgore will be initiating a public relations and media outreach effort to support the rebrand initiative within consumer outlets and publications. There is a potential opportunity for GFCO companies to get involved in the effort (via quotes and interviews). If your company would like to be included on the list of possible references for media outreach, email gig.marketing@gluten.org with the subject line “CONSENT FOR MEDIA OUTREACH” and provide a contact name/email plus a brief testimonial about the value of GFCO certification or the certification process.

2. Blogger Box (Low Cost—High Value Potential)
GIG has secured partner relationships with the New Hope Network and Nourished Group to provide a promotional blogger box to select gluten-free influencers October 2020. A limited number GFCO companies are invited to participate in this blogger box effort and get exposure to influential members of the gluten-free community.

This is a limited opportunity (10 companies) available at a low investment for a potentially invaluable impact. ($500 commitment + qty 150-200 samples required). Email gig.marketing@gluten.org with subject line BLOGGER BOX for more information.

3. Promotional Effort (No Cost)
GIG has partnered with Find Me Gluten Free, an app actively used by three million gluten-free restaurant patrons, as they prepare to launch a new product finder. Submit your product for a Find Me Gluten Free database listing today and receive a prominent “Certified by GFCO” listing. Click here to participate.

4. Event Marketing (Low Cost)
GIG will be a Title Sponsor of the Nourished Festival's live virtual event in Sept 2020. This 3 day event will include an education session, prime GFCO features, giveaways, and sampling. 

Join our efforts by participating in the GIG sample box! GIG will distribute 250 sample box to event attendees, which may include up to 10 product features. Apply to be included if you would like to provide product samples or coupons to include in the box. 

*Note there is a $50 fee + 250 sample size packages or
coupons required.


Have you changed to the new certification mark? If so, this opportunity is for you:
5. Social Media Marketing (No Cost)
The new GFCO Certified GF Instagram page will be a place to showcase all of the brands that have earned GFCO certification AND are now utilizing the new global certification mark. 

Simply provide social media copy describing your product/brand, where to find your product(s) and your website. Be sure to include ONE high resolution product packaging photo featuring the GFCO Global Certification Mark. The first 25 submission will be boosted posts (1 per brand please). Post content will appear exactly as you provide it. Click HERE to sign up for this opportunity.

More Opportunities Will Be Announced Soon!
Be Sure To Sign Up For GIG Marketing News 

Certification Updates and Reminders

NEW Version 4.3 of GFCO Branding Standard: The most recent update to the GFCO Branding Standard can be downloaded at www.gfco.org/certification. This update provides some clarification around the new certification mark size and coloring, and information about using the mark on USDA products. As with all Branding Standard updates, we ask that all clients adopt any changes at their next package printing.

NEW Version of the GFCO Approved Test Kit List: The most recent update adds a new test, the SENSISpec INgezim Gluten R5 ELISA which was recently granted Performance Tested Method status by AOAC. Ask your client service representative for a copy.

Standard Update: The 2020 update of the GFCO Certification Standard is available to view and download at www.gfco.org/standard-update. It is effective December 1, 2020.

Proficiency Testing: Sign-ups are open for the 2020 Proficiency Testing round, through November 30, at www.gluten.org/proficiency-registration.

Plant Registration: Notices for current plants to register are continuing to be sent. As you complete the registration, please let us know if your Product category is not reflected on the form, so we can add it. 

Regulatory Manager
Laura Allred

GFCO Certification Body
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SCS Certification Body
David Morales-Vela


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